Infusing Higher Education in Georgia With Learning Mindsets

In 2017, the School of Education and Human Development's Motivate Lab partnered with the University System of Georgia (USG), a system of 26 four-year institutions in Georgia that serves more than 318,000 students each year. Researchers at the Motivate Lab, a part of the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning, are currently collecting data from students and faculty to understand the motivational culture in four-year institutions.

Since the beginning of the partnership, the researchers attended two advising academies, consulted with USG institutions at the 2017 Momentum Summit, led USG institutions in understanding learning mindsets at the 2017 Mindset Summit and visited six different USG campuses. Motivate Lab researchers will use data insights to co-create a plan to infuse mindset-supportive practices into Georgia's higher education system at student, instructional, curricular, institutional and policy levels.

Project Status: February 2018 - Present

Funding Source: Gates Foundation, Joyce Foundation, University System of Georgia, Strong Start to Finish

Principal Investigator: Yoi Tibbetts