Individualized Classroom Assessment Scoring System (inCLASS) Project

Assessing Preschoolers' Classroom Behavior

inCLASS logo.jpgThe Individualized Classroom Assessment Scoring System™ (inCLASS) is an observational assessment of young children's competence during everyday interactions with teachers, peers, and tasks in preschool and kindergarten classroom environments.

Initial findings from research in over 300 classrooms indicate promising psychometric properties, including interrater reliability as well as construct and criterion-related validity. A number of inCLASS on-line resources are currently in development for early childhood teachers, including: a) a video library with over 200 exemplar videos of child behaviors, and b) a set of training modules designed to help teachers learn more about and improve detection of key interactions within their classrooms.

The inCLASS is part of the Interagency Consortium for School Readiness Outcome Measures (ICSROM) and co-funded by the U.S. Departments of Health and Human Services and Education.

Project Status: 2012

Principal Investigator: Jason Downer​​

Associated Faculty and Staff:

Selective Publications:

Downer, J. T., Booren, L. M., Lima, O. K., Luckner, A. E., & Pianta, R. C. (2010). The Individualized Classroom Assessment Scoring System (inCLASS): Preliminary reliability and validity of a system for observing preschoolers’ competence in classroom interaction. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 25, 1-16.

Booren, L. M., Vitiello, V. E., & Downer, J. T. (2010, June). Observing differences in preschooler’s interactions with teachers, peers, and tasks across classroom activity settings. Paper presentation symposium at the biennial Head Start’s National Research Conference, Washington, DC.

  • Project Team
    Headshot of Robert C. Pianta
    Robert C. Pianta Batten Bicentennial Professor of Early Childhood Education, Founding Director, Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning
    Headshot of Jason T. Downer
    Jason T. Downer Professor of Education, Program Area Director, Clinical and School Psychology, Director, CASTL
    Headshot of Amanda P. Williford
    Amanda P. Williford Batten Bicentennial Professor of Early Childhood Education, Associate Director for Early Childhood Education, CASTL
    Headshot of Leslie M. Booren
    Leslie M. Booren Associate Director for Communications & Operations, Youth-Nex
    Headshot of Jamie DeCoster
    Jamie DeCoster Research Assistant Professor
    Headshot of Kathy Neesen
    Kathy Neesen Research Scientist, Instructional Technology Director