Developmental Skills Linked to Math and Science Achievement

This project seeks to better understand, devise, and rapidly test interventions to support students’ foundational, developmental skills such as motivation, executive function, visuo-spatial skills, and phonological processing. This work builds on prior NSF-supported research on socio-demographic achievement gaps by proposing to (1) expand longitudinal data analyses of early developmental skills that are linked to later math/science, (2) strengthen the statistical methodology to include analysis at the math/science subscale level, (3) use latent profile analysis to cluster children with similar profiles and utilize growth models to predict achievement trajectories as skills change, (4) formalize and shorten the process involved in the design, development and experimental testing of interventions, (5) develop strategies for combining interventions during the transition to school, and (6) formulate a comprehensive national strategy and priorities for addressing the skill deficits linked to math/science achievement gaps. 

Project Status: September 2015 - Present

Funding Source: National Science Foundation (NSF)

Principal Investigators: Chris Hulleman, David Grissmer

Partners: Kevin Grimm, Arizona State University

  • Publications
    • Cameron, C. E., Grimm, K. J., Steele, J. S., Castro-Schilo, L., & Grissmer, D. W. (online 2014). Nonlinear Gompertz curve models of achievement gaps in reading and mathematics. Journal of Educational Psychology
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