CASTL Related Labs

CASTL partners with a number of labs across the School of Education and Human Development to collaborate on educational research. Each lab contributes a unique area of expertise that contributes to CASTL's interdisciplinary and innovative research environment.

UVA Social Development Lab

Promoting Social and Academic Growth

Directed by Sara Rimm-Kaufman, the lab collaborates with CASTL to examine how classroom experiences contribute to elementary school aged children’s social development.

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Motivate Lab

Learning What Motivates

Directed by Chris Hulleman, the lab develops and tests motivation interventions and assessments in academic, sport, work, and extracurricular settings.

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Foundations of Cognition and Learning

FOCAL studies the cognitive processes that underpin learning throughout the school years, from executive function to visuospatial processing.

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Developing Spatial Reasoning and Inquiry Skills

The Research in Education and Learning Lab’s research focuses on studying how children develop the skills necessary for science learning and critical thinking.

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