Effective teaching and learning are the foundation for opportunity, success, and well-being. The mission of Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning (CASTL) at the University of Virginia is to advance the quality and impact of teaching through scientific study in educational settings from infancy to higher education.

CASTL is an interdisciplinary center that provides leadership on effective teaching and learning. CASTL was founded in 2006 by Robert Pianta and colleagues after a series of large longitudinal studies in early childhood education.  Since then, our research focus has expanded in age to infancy, and to all educational levels including university and beyond.  CASTL has grown into a multi-faceted interdisciplinary research center that has received over $55 million of sponsored research funding.

Our goal is to meaningfully transform education by:

  • Developing evidence-based theories of effective teaching and learning via large, longitudinal studies of diverse classrooms around the world.
  • Creating, evaluating, and disseminating tools for measuring and improving teaching and learning.
  • Developing innovative support systems that develop useful knowledge and skills via cutting-edge applications of technology.

Through scientific collaborations that integrate multiple methodological perspectives and disciplines, CASTL is leading the field in developing, redefining, and evaluating evidence-based tools that are used directly to improve teaching and strengthen learning.

CASTL's Research Impact

  • 55

    Million dollars in grant funding over the past decade

  • 550

    Publications focused on improving teaching and learning across the globe

  • 100

    Graduate and post-doctoral students mentored

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Transforming Early Childhood Education

CASTL aims to ensure every child has the educational experiences they need to succeed in school and beyond

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CASTL's current research projects, focused on improving teaching and learning, span from infancy to higher education

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