Assessment, Instruction and Mathematics in Kindergarten Classrooms (AIM)

This study examines how kindergarten teachers use math assessments to guide instruction and support kindergarten learning gains. CASTL researchers are taking a mixed-methods approach, combining qualitative site visits and interviews with rigorous surveys, assessments and observations. The results will help researchers understand what sources of information are most useful to teachers, how teachers use assessments to differentiate instruction, and what the barriers are to using assessments effectively. In collaboration with the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program, the researchers are currently conducting site visits and gearing up for large-scale data collection in 2020.   

Project Status: July 2019 – June 2023

Funding Source: US Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences  

Principal Investigators: Virginia Vitiello (PI), Amanda Williford (Co-PI), Jessica Whittaker (Co-I)

Project Team: Brittany Rettig, Laura Helferstay, Elise Rubenstein