Faculty & Research

Emphasizing rigorous, evidence-based research and effective practice, our students engage with elite faculty to become agents of change with a holistic understanding of how humans learn. The high level of excellence and success of the School of Education and Human Development faculty is reflected in a number of ways.

Over the course of the last 15 years, the School has risen steadily in the U.S. News rankings, up from #31 to now #17. The School’s rise is a reflection of the academic excellence and the success of the faculty to earn increased investment into research efforts at the school.

By consistently investing in these research efforts, the School has increased research expenditures each of the last three years, even as the United States enters the fourth consecutive year of declines in federal research and development funding.

The faculty at the School are also regularly recognized by peers across the academic and clinical spectrums for their excellence as they earn journal editorships, awards and other honors.

Our students consistently speak of the deeply connecting relationships that are regularly forged between these top faculty and their students.

If you want to be a part of a place where students and faculty members learn from and with one another, their combined effort illuminating a smarter way forward, then you belong here.

School Research By The Numbers

  • 32

    $32.5M Total Research Expense in FY 2020

  • 94

    Sponsored Research Awards in FY 2021

  • 31

    Research Centers and Labs at the School

Faculty Leading as Journal Editors

  • Associate Dean Catherine P. Bradshaw

    Catherine P. Bradshaw, associate dean for research and faculty development , serves as editor of the journal Prevention Science.

  • Professor Nancy Deutsch

    Professor Nancy Deutsch serves as the editor of the Journal of Adolescent Research.

  • Assistant Professor Michael Kennedy

    Michael Kennedy, assistant professor of special education, serves as co-editor of the Journal of Special Education Technology (JSET) by the Technology and Media division.

  • Professor Jay Hertel

    Jay Hertel, Joe Gieck Professor in Sports Medicine, was recently appointed as the next editor-in-chief of the Journal of Athletic Training.

  • Professor William J. Therrien

    William J. Therrien, alongside Professor Emeritus John Willis Lloyd, serves as co-editor of Exceptional Children, the peer-reviewed research journal.

  • Associate Professors Frackson Mumba, Robert H. Tai

    Frackson Mumba and Robert H. Tai, both faculty in science education, are co-editors of The Science Educator, the National Science Educator Leadership Foundation journal.