Expert Voices of Support During Coronavirus

We are in unprecedented times. Though we are separated, we are committed to supporting each other as we move through these days and weeks. In response to the pandemic, faculty and researchers at the Curry School of Education and Human Development offer expert advice on a range of topics impacting our community. 

  • Q&A: Mental Health Treatment In The Time of Coronavirus

    Peter Tuerk, director of the Curry School’s Sheila Johnson Center and a leading expert on telehealth in clinical psychology, shares his thoughts on how the pandemic has changed how we treat mental health.

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  • Finding the New Normal of Online Learning

    As an unprecedented academic year comes to a close, experts on distance learning from UVA’s Curry School reflect on what the pandemic has taught us about online learning – and how those lessons can guide us to a more open, accessible future for academia.

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  • How A Ten-Minute ‘Reset’ May Make a Huge Difference for Kids At Home

    Researchers at the Curry School believe a simple relationship-building technique designed for classrooms can make a positive impact for families social distancing at home.

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  • New Dashboard Helps Fill Medical Workforce Gaps In VA Areas Hard-Hit By COVID-19

    The long-term partnership between UVA’s Nudge4 Solutions Lab and the Virginia Community College System allowed researchers to pivot their work to create a real-time dashboard identifying the available health care labor supply in different regions of Virginia.

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  • Mathematics at Home: Tips and Resources for Parents and Caregivers

    Robert Q. Berry, professor of mathematics education at UVA and 2019-20 president of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, shares how adults can support mathematics learning at home.

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  • Five Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Through The Coronavirus

    UVA professor Tish Jennings helps teachers and students use mindful practices to reduce stress. Here, she shares reasons why these techniques are valuable to everyone – especially when times are stressful or scary.

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  • Reading and Homeschooling: Five Things Parents Should Know

    How long should children spend reading each day? What if your child doesn’t like to read? Education professor Emily Solari offers tips and strategies for parents while children are learning at home.

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  • Why Diet and Exercise Deserve Our Attention Right Now

    Kinesiology faculty members explain why paying attention to our physical wellbeing is important right now and offer tips for maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routines.

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  • Tips and Resources for Families Living with Autism

    The Curry School’s STAR team is committed to partnering with individuals and families with autism spectrum disorder, who are particularly hard hit by the closing of schools and suspension of therapies that involve close contact. Prof. Nevill offers tips and the STAR team has developed a full website of resources.

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    COVID-19 Autism Resources Page
  • How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Schoolwork While Getting Your Own Work Done

    What’s a working-at-home parent to do when your 4-year-old keeps interrupting a work call? How about the strategy for a 6-year-old who doesn’t want to do anything except play on a tablet? Education professor Gail Lovette offers some suggestions.

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  • Calling All Parents: Books to Help You Raise a Reader

    “Books can transform lives,” affirms Tisha Hayes as she shares a comprehensive and diverse list of children’s and young adult titles in this article for the UVA alumni community.

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  • Schooling at Home: Tips & Resources from C'ville Tomorrow

    Schools are empty. In a Charlottesville Tomorrow article, faculty members Jennifer Pease and Judy Paulick, along with postdoctoral research associate Abigail Amoako Kayser offer expertise and resources for families transitioning to schooling at home.

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  • Ed Week: Social-Emotional Learning

    Associate dean Catherine Bradshaw offers insight for teachers and parents on the best ways to engage in social-emotional learning while students are at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

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