DEI Engage Session - April 2021

Apr 27, 2021 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Microaggression: The Unseen Student BarrierRegister to receive Zoom link

Microaggressions are all too often overlooked, but their impacts are felt just the same. Microaggressions proceed to be one of the most prevalent forms of oppression and racism experienced by Black students in Predominately White Institutions (PWIs), including the University of Virginia. The Student Voices of Injustice (SVOI) project is a media-centered project, led by Sasha Miller-Marshall of Motivate Lab, created to elevate Black students' voices at the University of Virginia. This project highlights the noticeably different and negative college experience of Black students when compared to their non-black counterparts. The SVOI project explicates how racialized interactions, like microaggressions, often go undetected due to their nuanced and often palatable nature yet prove to be insidious and damaging for students in these environments. By acknowledging and identifying these acts of injustice on college campuses, institutions, administration, faculty, and even students can work to actively combat their presence in the classroom and the university setting at large. In connection with the Student Voices of Injustice project, this month's DEI Professional Learning Series will focus on three different types of microaggressions, the impact of microaggressions on students in university classrooms,, and resources faculty and staff can use to support each other and students as they combat microaggressions.

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