DEI Collective Learning Series: February 2024

Inclusive Communication at Work

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The Office of DEI (ODEI) at the School of Education and Human Development culls together monthly curriculum around issues of DEI for you to read, watch/listen to, prompts upon which to reflect on the read and watch/listen materials, and to engage as a community. The series is intentionally framed this way to allow faculty and staff to build a shared understanding of topics and concepts before engaging.

February 2024: Inclusive Communications at Work

According to The Nicholas School of the Environment (NSOE) Communications Studio at Duke University, culturally inclusive communication,

[…] allows us to use one element of the workplace environment, communication, to create a culture of inclusion. This means that we are using communication – a way of exchanging information – in a way that allows everyone, no matter their background, to feel they belong. (NSOE, n.d.)

Using inclusive communication in the workplace permits a diverse range of colleagues to belong in work conversations. Interpersonal communications among team members help create a positive impact in the inclusion and belonging of all. Inclusion improves outcomes and performance at work, in turn increasing productivity and creativity to problem-solve. A 2020 study conducted by Quantified Communications examined the way inclusive leaders communicate, concluding that inclusive leaders use audience-centered language, were authentic in their communications and actions, and had subject-matter expertise (Zandan and Shalett, 2020). Ensuring that everyone is included in the workplace requires determination and consistency from all—self-awareness and education are the most powerful tools we must continue working towards inclusion, belonging, and justice at work.

Week 1: Read

Week 2: Watch/Listen

Week 3: Reflect

Lunch & Learn Session | February 15, 2024 | 12:00-1:00pm | Zoom

This February, we debut the Lunch & Learn session on February 15, where EHD faculty and staff can discuss the readings, videos, and podcasts for the month’s topic with others. Bring your lunch, your questions, and your comments and spend an hour with colleagues, building community and learning more about DEIA!

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Week 4: Engage | February 29, 2024 12:00-2:00pm | Zoom

The Engage session will be led by Rose Markey, Senior Learning & Development Consultant at UVA HR.

Rose is a Senior Learning and Development Consultant at UVA HR.  Rose has 25+ years of experience in Human Resources in healthcare as well as higher education.  Her background includes recruitment, compensation, employee relations, corporate training programs, curriculum design, and classroom facilitation. Rose also serves as a leadership coach and is an active professional speaker.  Rose has earned several professional certifications and has a master’s degree in management and leadership from Liberty University and a Bachelor’s degree in Health Care Administration from Ohio University.

Rose is one of 700 certified facilitators of Dare to Lead, which is a training program based on the research of Brené Brown.  This program teaches skills related to vulnerability, values, trust, and rising up from setbacks. She has been facilitating this program at UVA since the fall of 2019.

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