The Fairfax Prek to Third Grade Project (FP3)

The Fairfax Prek to Third Grade Project (FP3) is a partnership between the University of Virginia and Fairfax County Public Schools. The study is designed to uncover classroom, program, and school factors that create and sustain children’s success from preschool to third grade and beyond, particularly for students from historically marginalized backgrounds. Using rigorous analyses across multiple points of data, the FP3 project is identifying experiences in early learning and elementary programs that foster children’s development in pre-k, transition into kindergarten, and performance through elementary school. The students who are participating in this project are incredibly diverse with respect to race/ethnicity and home language with about 60% of children in the sample speaking a language other than English at home. The work is led by Bob Pianta, Jessica Whittaker, and Virginia Vitiello, and provides opportunities for fellows to learn about longitudinal study design, measurement, data collection and analyses, academic writing, and translating research for practice and policy audiences.