University of Virginia Post-Doctoral Education Science Training Program on English Learners (EL-VEST)

The University of Virginia Post-Doctoral Education Science Training Program on English Learners (EL-VEST) offers an interdisciplinary post doctoral experience designed for recent doctoral graduates to engage in rigorous research in education science focused on English Learners. We are seeking applicants with expertise in developmental science, education science, or educational psychology. We are interested in engaging more deeply with research related to classroom and instructional contexts that support social and emotional development, and behavioral and academic outcomes in children and youth.

The program is funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Institute of Education Sciences. Fellows will receive training that deepens their understanding of education science, including the strengths and challenges faced by ELs particularly in school-based contexts. Fellows will also engage in experiences that give them hands-on experiences working with partners (districts, departments of education, education innovation organizations) addressing some of our most intractable challenges in supporting the achievement of EL students, their teachers, and schools. Finally, fellows will receive training in rigorous education research methods and statistics. Fellows come to the University of Virginia and have the opportunity to immerse themselves in mentored research experiences, attend talks and workshops, and address research problems that emanate from partners in the field. New post-docs join a cohort of people at the same point in their career and have opportunities to be mentored and to mentor. The faculty mentors and post-doc craft an individualized plan to help the post-docs reach the next step in their career. 

Learn more about the experiences of past VEST post doctoral fellows here.

Current Openings

The program is currently recruiting 2-3 postdoctoral fellows to begin training between now and Summer 2023. To apply, visit and search Posting Number R0030894.


The fellows will work with either Sara Rimm-Kaufman, Natalia Palacios, or Bob Pianta as their primary mentor and will develop a line of research that involves collaboration with one or more secondary mentors.

Secondary mentors include:

Associated Staff

Jasmine Truong, EL-VEST Coordinator

Research Project Opportunities