EHD Cares

EHD Cares is an initiative that was started after a series of discussions at the School of Education and Human Development about how to better build and connect our community. Faculty, staff and students are nominated by their fellow colleagues for work they are doing in the community outside of their daily roles here at the School of Education and Human Development. This gives us an opportunity to get to know each other across our own community, see how people are involved in meaningful ways, and provide a connection for others if they want to get involved in similar causes.

  • Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch

    Dr. LoCasale-Crouch is an active, compassionate citizen within the local Charlottesville community. She organizes a CASTL Caring Committee and regularly rallies students, staff, and faculty within our research center to be connected within the community.

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  • Natasha Heny

    Natasha volunteers her time to mentor a group of local high school students through the college application process.

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