Early Learning News

New Free Resource Hub Provides Comprehensive Tools for Early Childhood Educators

The new website gives educators access to resources they can use to help children develop the important skills they need to thrive.


preschool children play with toys standing at a small table

UVA Supporting State’s Mission to Reduce Preschool Suspensions

In an effort to reduce preschool suspensions and expulsions, UVA researchers and their partners are building a system to better teach adults how to support young children’s mental health.


Illustration of an adult standing next to a young child wearing a backpack

Education Researcher Offers 5 Tips to Smooth Children's School Transitions

School transitions for young students can be tricky. UVA researchers have delved into why – and how to make things easier.


Researchers Awarded $5.7M by the Institute of Education Sciences

With four new grants, researchers from the School of Education and Human Development will be examining a range of topics including full-day pre-kindergarten and cultural and racial equity.


UVA Early Childhood Curriculum Will Be Made Available Statewide

The Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning and its partners have created a teaching approach that combines social smarts with academic ones.


Daphna Bassok standing outdoors with arms crossed

Small Students, Big Opportunities

Working in partnership with policymakers, Associate Professor Daphna Bassok aims to provide long-term solutions to real-world problems for America's youngest learners.


Bob Pianta, Jacqueline Jones, Sam Meisels, Amand Williford each in one of 4 boxes on the screen

Supporting Our Youngest Generation

Four early childhood education scholars gathered for a recent webinar to discuss some of the greatest opportunities and challenges facing early childhood education in America.


Q&A: How Do You Educate Top Early Childhood Educators? By Constantly Learning.

Jennifer LoCasale-Crouch of the Center for Advanced Study of Teaching and Learning explains how her team uses childhood development research to shape the courses they build for students.


Together, Undergrads and Current Teachers Tackle Child Poverty in New Course

Full-time UVA undergrads and current teachers come together in a course to learn how meaningful relationships and advocacy are positive forces against the impact of childhood poverty.


Q&A: Research Shows Federal Early Childhood Policy Proposals Could Have Significant Impact

UVA School of Education and Human Development Dean Bob Pianta walks us through the myriad ways proposed investments in early childhood education could improve society as a whole.


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Study: What Brain Scans Reveal About Learning Math

A new UVA study will examine brain data of elementary-age students to explore how memory systems support math learning. (Illustration by Ziniu Chen, University Communications)


Young Students interacting with a teacher

How Researchers, Policymakers and Practitioners Can Partner to Improve Early Childhood Education

In a new volume, researchers highlight the ways partnerships between researchers and policymakers are a promising approach to effectively expanding high quality early childhood education.


Jamie Jirout

Curious About Curiosity? Professor Studies How Children Learn

With a new research fellowship, education professor Jamie Jirout will expand her research on how teachers and parents can encourage curiosity and spark interest in learning.


With $3.4M Grant, Researchers Will Examine Professional Development Impact on Preschoolers’ Behavior

Researchers will study an early childhood mental health consultation model aimed to improve teacher practice and promote young children’s success in preschool.


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Q&A: Why the Science of Reading is as Important as Ever

Professor Emily Solari discusses the pathway to increasing literacy skills in American students.


Researchers Awarded $4M Grant to Study ‘Read Well’ Program

Professor Emily Solari will lead a team of researchers to evaluate the Reading Well program’s impact on first grade children.


A child reading in a living room

Reading While At Home: Five Things Parents Should Know

How long should children spend reading each day? What if your child doesn’t like to read? Education professor Emily Solari offers tips and strategies for parents while children are learning at home.


Teacher reading a book with a class of preschool children

Free Resource Helps Teachers Prepare Children for the Future of STEM

Curry School researchers built a video library that aims to improve early learners’ mathematics skills by providing free professional development for preschool teachers.


Making Preschool More Effective: Study Connects Classroom Processes to Children’s Learning

A new study at the University of Virginia provides insight into how educators and policymakers can improve the quality of preschool experiences for children from low-income families.


Curry School Researchers Conduct First Statewide Kindergarten Readiness Assessment

Data from the Curry School’s Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Program – collected for the first time from every single school division in the Commonwealth – illuminates ways to help teachers provide quality early education for all students.