Victoria Centineo

Victoria is originally from Fairfax, Virginia, and is double-majoring in Youth & Social Innovation and Special Education (BSEd).


I would describe my experience in the EHD school like a choose your own adventure book. The EHD school is flexible, allowing students to make their education unique. I have been able to structure my classes and hands-on experiences to match exactly what I want to do after graduation! I love the tight-knit culture at the Education School. I have gotten to know so many students and faculty members throughout my time. We know one another on a personal which helps us succeed inside and outside the classroom!

Outside of class, I'm involved with Housing & Residence Life, University Programs Council (UPC) - Late Night Committee, Autism Allies, and I'm a Research Assistant with Supporting Transformative Autism Research (STAR). In my free time, I love eating with friends at fun restaurants in Charlottesville, crafting things with my Cricut, going on road trips, and watching UVA sports.

After graduation, I hope to become a Special Education teacher in Northern VA or become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) to do ABA therapy for children with autism. My lifelong career goal is to create a social skills based non-profit for families and children affected by autism.

You can find me on Instagram at: @victoria_centineo