Juliana Parra

Juliana is a Youth & Social Innovation major with a second major in American Studies and a concentration in Race & Ethnicity. She is from Chantilly, Virginia.

412x412_Juliana_square_2.jpgCurry has given me the skills and knowledge I need to be successful and make change in the real world. I am surrounded by supportive professors, enthusiastic peers, and am learning relevant and applicable material every day. I love how willing professors are to get students involved in their research projects based on individual interests and passions. Professors at the Curry School know students by name and genuinely want to help them succeed in any way they can.

At the Curry School, I am the co-chair of the Mentoring and Advising Committee, which is one of the new Youth and Social Innovation committees. Outside of Curry, I serve in a leadership position with my sorority, and I have been involved since my first year in Take Back the Night and Madison House (Cavs in the Classroom and Latinx Migrant Aid). With Cavs in the Classroom, I volunteer in a preschool classroom once a week, and with Latinx Migrant Aid I tutor Latinx youth and adults in English. I will be a program director for Cavs in the Classroom in Fall 2019.

I also play intramural basketball and volleyball, explore Charlottesville for its best restaurants, and love hanging out and socializing with my friends.

After graduation, I hope to go to graduate school abroad in either England or Spain to pursue a degree in education policy, leadership, or social change. My goal is to work at a non-profit or think tank, focusing on Latinx youth advocacy in the education system.

You can find me on Instagram @colombiana42