Brielle Dotson

Brielle is a Kinesiology major from Phoenix, Arizona.


In Curry, I have had the opportunity to get to know my professors, contribute to a small classroom environment, and get to know my kinesiology cohort of students. Especially as a research assistant in the kinesiology department, I have cultivated relationships with PhD students, traveled with my department to conferences, and learned classroom material in hands-on settings.

Outside of Curry, I've served as: Chair of Hoos First Look, Research Assistant in the Applied Metabolism and Physiology Lab, Graduation Chair on Fourth Year Trustees, Lighting of the Lawn Committee, Ulink Advisor, QuestBridge, Kinesiology Undergraduate Representative for EdCouncil, Cultural Programming Board. and Cavalier Outdoor Adventure Retreat Leader.

I love hiking, yoga, and painting in my free time. My friends and I love exploring new coffee houses, shops, and small towns.

After graduation, I intend on entering the field of nursing. I am determined to gain hands-on experience and hone my clinical skills as a registered nurse before pursuing my Doctorate of Nursing Practice to become certified as a nurse practitioner. With my profound love of education and the endless pursuit of knowledge, I plan to one day return to academics as a professor and help inspire the next generation of nurses.

My favorite thing about the Curry School is their ability to develop a community. Through recurring events, personal connections with professors and deans, and academic support, Curry has continually showed students how much they care about our success.

You can find me on Instagram at @brietree19