Abby Rothenberg

Abby is a Youth and Social Innovation major from Westfield, New Jersey. She is also pursuing a master's in public policy through the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy.


My academic experience in the UVA School of Education and Human Development has been amazing! I am constantly learning a significant amount, not just about the interesting class topics, but also about myself and the impact I can have on the world around me. EHD courses allow me to tap in my creativity, work collaboratively with classmates, and pursue long-term projects incorporating our own passions and interests into class material.

My passion for leadership and the arts certainly impacts my involvements at UVA! I am an Education Policy Associate with the Virginia Policy Partnership Collaborative, which involves amazing research opportunities and a chance to work alongside inspiring leaders in the education policy field. I am a research assistant with the EdPolicyWorks research center, where I research early childhood education. I am the president of The New Dominions, UVA's premier all gender a cappella group. I am the Chair of the Student Council Arts Committee, where I advocate for more equitable and higher quality Arts at UVA, alongside important UVA stakeholders. I love to perform with Spectrum theatre when I have the availability and am also a member of the Alpha Delta Pi sorority. My hobbies include singing, theatre, socializing with friends, and traveling. 

After graduation, my goal is to work in education policy to help improve our education system, either through government, research, or nonprofit work. Some of my main goals include increasing equity and access to higher quality early childhood education, reducing the school-to-prison pipeline, improving access to mental health resources, and increasing availability of quality arts programs. Later in life, I can see myself getting a PhD or MBA.

I love the collaborative, supportive, and creative environment the Education School fosters and am thankful for the numerous opportunities I have had to challenge myself and grow in a such a positive atmosphere. The UVA School of Education and Human Development has allowed me to meet some of my closest friends and the most amazing professors.

You can find me on Instagram at: @rothabby1