Class of 2020: Curriculum, Instruction & Special Education Graduation


Congratulations 2020 Graduates!

We, the CISE faculty and staff, wish to congratulate you on your incredible achievements. Not only have you accomplished a significant milestone, completing a degree, you have also navigated an unprecedented time in both your academic and professional career with grace and composure.

While we know that the impact of COVID-19 has caused a disruption to a very special moment in your lives, we also know that this graduating class will have unique set of experiences that will surely support you throughout your bright futures.

You exemplify what a University of Virginia School of Education and Human Development graduate is. You are flexible, inquisitive, hard-working and resilient. Your commitment to your studies, given the unknown circumstances, did not go unnoticed. We are inspired by your perseverance and have all learned something from this graduating class.  We are so confident in your abilities and are encouraged by the thought that we are graduating a group of innovative and thoughtful educators. You made sacrifices for the greater good, and while the future is always uncertain, we know that you are the ones who will continue to spur transformative change in education and human development. We could not be more proud.

Congratulations, graduates!