The Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS), an observational framework developed at the Curry School of Education, provides a common lens and vocabulary that interns, mentor teachers and university supervisors can use to discuss what is happening in a classroom (Pianta, Hamre, Le Paro, Mintz, & Haynes, 2007).  This system focuses attention on classroom interactions and was developed after years of studying research on effective teaching practices and classroom observations. Research on the system has demonstrated that teachers who are rated high on the CLASS dimensions make a difference in children’s academic success (Hamre & Pianta, 2005).

Descriptors of High Quality Instruction

These descriptors and the idea of structured observation are first introduced in the EDIS 2010 course. They have been referenced during other courses in the Teacher Education program. Indicators and descriptions of the CLASS dimensions are detailed in the linked sections to the right. These “What is it?” descriptions aid the US, MT, and intern in their reflections and plans for the next observation cycle.