Employee Funding Testimonials

Since its inception in fall 2015, many employees have continued their education with the School of Education and Human Development in individual courses or as students in our master’s or doctoral degree programs.

'As a full-time university employee and working mother, I was concerned about having enough time and money when I went back to school to earn my M.Ed in Social Foundations.  The School of Education and Human Development Education Benefits program has alleviated any doubts I had about the latter and has really allowed me to work on earning my degree without worrying how I was going to pay each semester.  I am so grateful for this wonderful program!'

Sarah Steele
Exec. Asst. to the Director/Office Manager
Maxine Platzer Lynn Women’s Center at UVA
CLAS ’04
Pursuing MEd in Educational Psychology: Social Foundations

'The School of Education and Human Development’s education benefit program was invaluable to me.  Juggling family, full-time work, and a part-time degree program left my time, energy, and financial resources stretched pretty thin.  The benefit allowed me to finally wrap up my Master’s Degree in Higher Ed. Administration and move forward with my UVa career.'

Andrew Breen, M.Ed.
Student Records Coordinator
Summer & Special Academic Programs
CLAS ’96, Curry ‘16
Graduated with MEd in Higher Education

'When I decided to go back to school for an Ed.D. in Higher Education, I had to learn to balance the needs of work, home life, and classes.  The School of Education and Human Development Educational Benefits program has been a wonderful resource that, when combined with the UVA tuition benefit, makes working towards a degree obtainable.'

Bart Ragon, MLIS
Associate Director
UVA Health Sciences Library
Pursuing EdD in Higher Education

'As a Double Hoo and recent graduate of the School of Education and Human Development I have always loved the learning environment at UVA and at the School of Education and Human Development in particular. One of the perks I looked forward to most when I hired by School of Education and Human Development last year was the chance to use my education credits. However, the classes that I most wanted to take, graduate courses, were more expensive than my education allotment. When the School of Education and Human Development offered its education benefits program, I jumped at the opportunity! With the support of the School of Education and Human Development’s Education Benefits Program, I was able further my ambition to be a lifetime learner and explore my interest in Student Counseling as a profession. It is so nice to have a caring community that is interested in fostering the developmental growth of its staff as well as its students.'

Stephanie E. McGuire
Senior Administrative Assistant
University Council for Educational Administration
CLAS ’07, Curry ‘14
Taking courses for professional and personal development

'I had wanted to pursue a Master’s degree in Higher Ed for a few years. When I learned that Curry was providing an additional education benefit to UVa employees, it made it much easier financially to enroll in the part-time program.'

Kelly Reinhardt
Major Gift Officer
Curry School of Education Foundation
Pursuing MEd in Higher Education

'The Curry Education Benefits program allowed me to complete my Master’s Degree part-time without incurring any debt! It is highly encouraging to know that UVA believes so strongly in the potential of its employees that it is willing to contribute to furthering their education. This is truly an opportunity that would not have been possible for me without this program.'

Margaret Baird
Senior Donor Relations Coordinator
Office of Donor Relations
CLAS ‘11
Pursuing MEd in Higher Education

'I am grateful that Curry’s education benefit allows me to affordably complete my doctorate program while working. I am able to take the number of classes I want and manage my expenses accordingly. Thank you!'

Nicole Thomas
Associate Director of Annual Giving, School of Nursing
Office of Health System Development
Pursuing EdD in Higher Education

'Engaging in learning motivates and enables me to be my best self. After taking a class through Curry’s education benefit, I rekindled my love of classroom learning. Professor Turner’s class enabled me to see Higher Education through an economic lens, and I now read The Chronicle and the American Society of Engineering Education news with a more holistic view of policy and programmatic impact on our society.'

Lisa Lampe
Director of Undergraduate Success
School of Engineering and Applied Science
Taking courses for professional and personal development