Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for your interest in our program. This list addresses the most frequently asked questions we receive.

1. How do I register for LPA classes?

LPA classes are listed in SIS, under “KINE” and are “housed” in the Curry School of Education. Our classes are designed for students of all ability levels (see question 3 for more info on class levels), although the emphasis is on teaching new skills or refining existing ones. All students, undergraduate or graduate, are invited to take LPA classes, although they must be taken Credit/No Credit. 

2. What if a class I want to take is full?

Put yourself on the wait list through SIS. We do not course action students into full classes. However, know that historically there is high turnover until the drop-add period ends, allowing the majority of students to get the classes they request. Keep trying SIS, and plan on attending the first day of class. Be sure to let your instructor know on the first day that your intention to add into their class through SIS. This doesn’t guarantee your entry, but it will help your instructor out.

3. Do classes have prerequisites?

Almost all classes are designed for introductory through intermediate levels. Instructors will assess the students in their class and make necessary adjustments for experience level. Two exceptions are swimming for fitness, which requires that the student swim well enough to swim laps, and advanced scuba, which has scuba or basic scuba certification as a prerequisite. 

4. What type of grade will I receive for my activity class?

ALL students must take KINE classes as credit/no credit. We do not allow audits. Since academic policies differ between schools, check with your school to see what rules apply regarding credit toward degree programs. A grade of no credit is typically given if you have missed too many classes; this does not impact your GPA.

5. What about attendance policies?

All LPA classes have a mandatory attendance policy, with the number of absences allowed related to the number of times per week the class is offered. For example, for a MWF class, you are allowed 4 total absences for the semester; for a TR class, you are allowed to miss 3. There are NO “excused absences”, so plan your classes accordingly and stay in touch with your instructor if you have to miss. 

6. Are there fees for classes?

Most LPA classes have no fee, but a few (golf, scuba) do. All fees will be discussed on the first day of class.

7. Where do classes meet?

Most classes meet in or outside of Memorial Gym. A few meet off-grounds (golf, scuba, squash), and we have a few classes in the AFC, North Grounds, and Slaughter Recreation. On the first day of the semester, all classes will meet in the lobby of Memorial Gym UNLESS you are told otherwise by your instructor via email. 

8. How do I contact my instructor?

Your instructor will be listed on SIS as soon as they are officially hired. Until then, Professor Diane Whaley, LPA Director is listed as the Instructor of Record. Know that she will NOT know the details about your class; you should instead contact the other name listed. Once the class begins, out-of-class communication between instructor and students is done via the class Collab page.