UVA Library Services and Resources

Research, reference, and scholarship services the UVA Library can provide to you:

If you would like help locating journal articles, finding test instruments, writing literature reviews, becoming proficient in APA citation style, making the most of RefWorks software, navigating copyright, selecting an appropriate journal in which to publish, etcetera, contact your School of Education and Human Development librarian, Ashley Hosbach. Faculty or TAs teaching classes can contact Ashley to schedule a library session for both online and in person classes.

Please bookmark a Research Subject Guide developed by your librarian to help you with your research!

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Data Services  the UVA Library can provide to you:

If you would like help with data analysis, locating a data set, selecting or installing research data software, or managing your data for a research project, contact our data experts: StatLabData ManagementResearch Software, Data Discovery (data sets and statistics), and Geographic Information Science (GIS).

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Additional Resources