UCAN Instructions

UCAN is a searchable database which is a component of the HoosOnline community. Although Curry alumni are members of the community, we strongly encourage you to contact alumni from any U.Va. schools for advice. UCAN is not a job placement service, but you can expect to receive advice, ideas and encouragement. There is no fee to use the service, so sign up today and begin strengthening your network.

1.      Request an account for Hoosonline. NOTE: It can take one to two business days for new accounts to be approved.

2.      Click on “Career Tools” on the Top Menu Bar.

3.      Click on “Search.”

4.      Enter search criteria.

NOTE: Keep searches relatively broad. Most alumni do not fill out each field in their profiles so if you get too detailed, you will not see any search results. Start with a major, school or geographic sort. If you are looking for alumni working at a specific company, try entering the company name in the keyword search and leave the other fields blank.

A maximum of 500 results will be displayed. Narrow your search criteria if you have too many results. Once you have found someone of interest, click on their last name. This will take you to a new page. From this new page, click 'Add to UCAN folder.' As you add contacts to your folder, you can click on full names to review alumni contact information, such as email address, phone number, and mailing address.

Draft a message and initiate contact! You may wish to use the following as a template:   

'Hi (Career Resource Contact name). My name is ____, and I am a student at the University of Virginia. Thank you [this reminds them that they agreed to do it AND when you say 'Thank You', people are more inclined to want to help you] for being a Career Resource Contact for UVA students and alumni. I'm very interested in the field of ____ (or 'doing a job search in the field of ____') and am looking for more information on the field. I'd like to do a brief informational interview with you (15-20 minutes) to ask a few questions about your opinions and experiences in the field. Would you prefer that I call you, email you (or visit in person)?'