Guide to Local & other UVA-affiliated Youth/Teaching Options for CLAS & EHD

U.Va. Ways to Become a Teacher:

  • Attend the School of Education and Human Development Teacher Preparation program.
  • Enroll in relevant School of Education and Human Development courses including EDIS 2010: Teaching as a Profession, coupled with EDIS 2880: Field Experience, as both are required before or during application to School of Education and Human Development's Teacher Preparation program.
  • Consider teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Browse the Student Information System (SIS) for relevant courses.
  • Attend U.Va.‘s Graduate & Professional School Fair to inquire about other teacher preparation programs.

Ways to Get Experience:

Volunteering through U.Va.:

  • Volunteer at Madison House. Both classroom and tutoring options are available. (Note: employers prefer classroom/group work over one-on-one experience.)
  • Explore volunteer opportunities and current service events on U.Va.'s public service website, Learning in Action.
  • Consider an externship or job shadowing. Find more information at the University Career Services (UCS) website.
  • Apply for an internship with the University Internships Program (UIP).
  • There is a wide variety of programs and activities that are available for kids at U.Va., and many could use student volunteers throughout the year. U.Va. Kids & Families Programs has a comprehensive list.

Summer/Part-time/After School Employment Options:

Other Creative Options:

  • Substitute teaching can provide flexibility and money to support you while in school, but is not a suggested route to test out the field of teaching. However, it is a good way to meet many principals and department heads who are usually the ones to make the ultimate hiring decision.
  • Don’t forget to consider country clubs, museums, historical homes and city or county based Parks & Recreation departments, which all have educational programs, particularly during the summer. They all provide excellent sources of part-time or summer employment. Check out Monticello, Montpelier, and Charlottesville City Parks & Recreation. Both the Farmington Country Club and the Boars Head participate in U.Va.‘s annual Educators Expo.
  • Consider tutoring (Georgetown Learning Centers and Huntington actively recruit through U.Va.). Check with school department chairs if you want direct employment.
  • If you’ve done well on standardized tests, consider teaching (and once trained, tutoring can be an option) through Kaplan.

Ways to Land a Full-time Job: