Job & Internship Resources

Below you will find resources to help guide you along your path towards finding job and internship opportunities.


Looking for databases for current job postings? If so, check out Handshake, UVA's main job listing service. Click here if you are looking for positions outside of the UVA network for K-12, Higher Ed, Counseling, and Non Profit jobs.     

Job Search Handbook

Looking for advice on how to narrow the job search for K-12 education? If so check out the following search tools and words of wisdom from employers and recent grads.

Internship Opportunities for Current Students

Are you looking for ways to gain more teaching experience while at Curry? If so, check out this guide to local and UVA affiliated youth and teaching experiences.

How-to Guides

Have you ever wondered what are the best questions to ask an interviewer? Do you struggle with writing an effective resume? If so, then take a look at the guides below. They will provide you with clear step by step directions to navigating an effective job search.