International Teaching Options

There are many opportunities for students to teach abroad in many different areas, so researching to find the right fit for you is very important. Use the links/guides below to help you find the best international teaching position!

How to prepare to teach abroad at UVA

  • Gain Experience / Study Abroad
  • Volunteer to work with International Students
  • Do some basic research involving your foreign country of interest; International Center Library, UCS Library. Figure out what area you would like to pursue, and research carefully the requirements. Each situation is different!
  • UVA International A collected of more international resources at UVA
  • University Career Assistance Network U.Va. students can check the network to discover Alumni overseas by Country. Also check the U.Va. Alumni Club for overseas contacts.
  • Network: use keywords such as ESL/ TOEFL to find online communities discussing how to find or how to do the job.

Resources at UVA

  • MyUCS Create an account (if UVA student or alumnus), go to The International Education (TIE Online), Graduate Jobs International Listing or Going Global job listings, e-mail Nicole Schwab at for the International Employment Bulletin.
  • U.Va.'s UK Fellowship An Opportunity for U.Va. 4th year/Graduating students to teach in a UK Boarding School.
  • Fulbright Teaching Fellowships

Areas of International Teaching

  • There are three basic areas to consider. Most schools look for certified teachers who hold teaching degrees. There are also opportunities for uncertified and short term work if you want to spend summer or another amount of time working overseas.

Other Resources to Search for a Job

  • Riley Guide International Job Listing Search
  • Peace Corps Volunteer to teach abroad (might include stipend)
  • Teaching English Through U.S. Information Agency and State Department office of English Language Programs
  • TESOL Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages has a good listing of jobs for members
  • Department of Defense Offers jobs nationally and internationally for qualified teachers
  • International Job Fairs: Attending an International Job Fair is a great way to gain exposure to many opportunities at once.

More International Teaching Resources