Scholarships, Fellowships, & Awards

2014 Curry School Foundation Students Awards ReceptionEach year the Foundation awards scholarships and fellowships to support the studies of students in the School of Education and Human Development. Awards, scholarships, and fellowships are awarded at the School level, department level, and program level.  Below includes information about the School-wide awards, scholarships and fellowships.


EHD-wide Awards

Some scholarships/fellowships are available to students in any program/department within the Curry School.

List of awards and criteria

If you feel that you qualify for one or more award, please do not hesitate to reach out to your EHD advisor or another EHD faculty member to inquire whether they would consider nominating you for the award/scholarship/fellowship.

Once you have been nominated you will receive a link to an online student application form (click here for a PDF example of this form). The application form and a letter of recommendation from the faculty member are due by January 6, 2021. Applicants will not be considered for awards for which they do not meet the stated criteria.

Outstanding Student Awards

EHD also presents a number of honorary awards to outstanding students at undergraduate, master's, and doctorate level each year. These awards are also faculty nominated, but please reach out to EHD faculty if you believe you qualify. 

If you receive financial aid an award, scholarship or fellowship from the Curry Foundation, you will be expected to meet the following obligations: write a note of appreciation to living donors.

Department-Specific Awards

Student Spotlights

Curry Student Studies Refugees Learning in a Foreign Land

"Support from this award will allow me to present my research at international conferences," says Fares Karam, a researcher.

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It's All About Trust

The Canady Fellowship is helping Micela Leis pursue her passion to make school exciting for both students and teachers.

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From Teacher to Researcher

Jordan Buckrop wants to help teachers give high quality instruction by supplying them with meaningful and applied research.

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