Professional Programs Application

Application Steps for Professional Programs

  • Degree & Certificate

    NOTE: You may take and transfer up to six credits in a degree or certificate program before applying if you wish.

    Step 1: Pick your degree or certificate

    Part-time degree offerings are:

    • Administration & Supervision: Ed.D., M.Ed.
    • Curriculum & Instruction (C&I): Ed.D., M.Ed.
    • C&I: Reading: M.Ed.
    • Educational Psychology: Applied Developmental Science: M.Ed
    • Higher Education: Ed.D., M.Ed.
    • Kinesiology: Pedagogy: M.Ed.
    • Educational Psychology: Social Foundations: M.Ed.

    Part-time certificates offerings are:

    • Administration & Supervision Certificate
    • Reading Specialist Certificate
    • Adolescent Literacy Certificate

    Note to out-of-state students wishing to enroll in online courses and degree offerings: The University of Virginia is currently working to comply with federal regulations that require it (and all other higher education institutions) to receive official state authorization to offer courses to students physically located outside of Virginia. At present, due to these state authorization regulations, U.Va. Curry School can only accept online course and degree applications from students in approved states which are listed here.

    Step 2: Familiarize Yourself

    Programs at Curry vary, be sure to spend time looking over your Program Page to learn more about your program, as well as verify details including:

    • Term of entry
    • On-grounds/Off-grounds availability
    • Additional deadlines
    • Additional requirements (test scores, resume, writing sample, etc...)
    • Typical length of study

    Step 3: Take any required tests and submit your scores to Curry

    • Entrance test requirements vary by program and are listed on the Program Page under "Prerequisites and Admission Requirements".
      • Test scores are just one part of the decision process. We take a holistic review of applications and associate different relative weights to the parts of the application.
      • If a program requires the GRE, target scores are 150 verbal, 145 quantitative, 4.0 analytical writing. GRE scores must be no older than 5 years old.
      • If more than one test score is submitted, we will use your highest scores when making admission decisions.
      • Official scores should be sent to the University of Virginia; the institutional code is 5820.
    • International students must submit TOEFL or IELTS score must be current--no more than two years old. (Applicants who earned their undergraduate degrees in the U.S. are exempt from this requirement.)
      • Official scores should be sent to the University of Virginia; the institutional code is B875.
      • Expected scores:
        Paper-based TOEFL:  600
        Computer-Based TOEFL: 250
        IELTS: 7.0
        IBT TOEFL: at least 22 in writing, 22 in speaking, 23 in reading, and 23 in listening for a total score of 90.
        All incoming (new) graduate students whose first language is one other than English are required to take the University of Virginia English Language Proficiency Exam unless they have been exempted from TOEFL or IELTS.
      • Prospective graduate teaching assistants whose first language is one other than English are required to take the SPEAK Test. A score of at least 55 is required for permission to begin teaching without completion of oral language training. The SPEAK Test is administered in August, December, and May. Candidates for the test are identified by their department. Information about the SPEAK Test is available at

    Step 4: Create your account to apply online

    Your application process will be managed through our online system. Create an Application Account to begin applying. You can save and return to your application at any point before you click “submit.”  Once an account is created, you can Login to Your Account at any time.

    Step 5: Prepare your goal statement

    This is your opportunity to describe your understanding of and interest in the program area to which you are applying. The prompt on the application provides additional information you might include.

    Step 6: Submit your recommendations

    You are required to submit two letters of recommendations. These should be solicited through your online application. At least one of your recommendations should be from a faculty member.

    Step 7: Upload your transcripts

    Copies of transcripts showing college coursework and degrees completed to date. Unofficial copies are acceptable. (Official transcripts are required only when you accept an offer of admission.)

    Step 8: Check status of application

    Login to your account to check the status of your application. 

    You can monitor receipt of recommendations, test scores, and transcripts through the Apply Yourself web site. Remember, it takes at least 4 weeks for ETS to send us your scores after you take the exam, so plan accordingly to ensure materials reach our office by the application deadline.

  • Course or Course Series

    Step 1: Decide on an Individual Course or Course Series

    At the Curry School, you can take individual courses without being enrolled in a degree or program.

    We also offer course series, a set of courses that often lead to an endorsement in:

    Gifted Education
    Professional Studies
    English Language Learners

    Note to out-of-state students wishing to enroll in online courses and degree offerings. The University of Virginia is currently working to comply with federal regulations that require it (and all other higher education institutions) to receive official state authorization to offer courses to students physically located outside of Virginia. At present, due to these state authorization regulations, U.Va. Curry School can only accept online course and degree applications from students in approved states. The Institutional Research and Analytics site links to; National Council for State Authorization Reciprocity Agreements (SARA).

    Step 2: Search for Individual Courses

    If you would like to take an individual course, you can search for courses two ways:

    Professional Learners may search for courses by following the instructions on our Register For a Class page.


    On-Grounds students can view the COURSE CATALOG IN SIS. Use the following department codes to find the right course for you: Curriculum and Instruction (EDIS); Leadership, Foundations and Policy (EDLF); Human Services (EDHS); Kinesiology (KINE)

    Step 3: Non-Degree Student Form

    • Students new to the Curry School - All students new to the Curry School (including students who have taken courses at any time in the past with other University schools, such as the School of Continuing and Professional Studies or Arts & Sciences) will need to complete this online Non-Degree Student Form. If you have changed your name since the last time you attended the University, please submit this online Name Change form at the same time you submit your PTE. If you are employed as a K12 educator, please indicate this at the appropriate place on your form.

      There is a delay of approximately three to five business days between submitting an online and receiving your SIS login ID via e-mail, after which you may register in SIS for courses. Please note that your SIS login and instructions will only be sent to the e-mail address which you indicate on your form.

      If you were a UVa student in another school previously, this process will update your existing student record to reflect your new status as a Curry student. However, your login and password will remain the same as those originally assigned to you.

      Note: Students who have not filled out the form will not be able to use the Student Information System (SIS) to register for Curry courses.

    • Current Curry Students - Students who were registered in a Curry course in the fall of 2015 or later should still have active student records and be able to use the self-registration and payment function in SIS. Please use your SIS login ID to enter the Student Information System (SIS). If necessary, click on the Password Reset/Retrieval link to obtain a new password.

    • Previous Curry Students - If your are unable to use the self-registration function in SIS, please contact the Curry Admissions Office ([email protected], 434-924-0742, Northern Virginia 703-536-1106, or toll-free at 1-877-280-6235) for assistance. If you have changed your name since the last time you attended the University, please submit this online Name Change form.

    • Contract Course Students (including school division contracts) - You must complete the Non-Degree Student Form to create your student record; then, Curry staff will register you for your course once we receive a roster for the course from the school division.

    Please be sure to read Curry's  Drop, Withdrawal, and Refund Policy prior to enrolling in a course.

    Step 4: Register for Courses

    After completing your form, within 1-2 business days you will receive your SIS username and password. Please log-in to SIS using the information you received by e-mail to register for a course. 

    Step 5: Additional Resources

    Refer to our Professional Learner page for additional resources and information.

  • Workshops, Institutes, or Conferences

    Applied Measurement with jMetrik Short Course

    An online software workshop for measurement practitioners featuring jMetrik™ 3.1

    jMetrik is a free and open source software application for psychometric analysis. It features a user-friendly interface, integrated database, and a variety of statistical procedures and charts. The purpose of the short course is to familiarize participants with jMetrik and its use in scale development and applied testing programs.  All relevant measurement theory will be covered in the short course with emphasis on its implementation in jMetrik. At the end of the short course, participants will be proficient in using jMetrik to analyze test data.

    Learn more about jMetrik

    The Art & Science of Sports Medicine Conference

    Learn more about the Sports Medicine Conference

    The Central Virginia Writing Project (CVWP)

    CVWP offers a dual focus, with emphases on both the importance of the teacher as writer and students as writers across the curriculum. We provide support for educators across Central Virginia, kindergarten through university.

    Darden/Curry Partnership for Leaders in Education (PLE)

    The Darden/Curry Partnership’s University of Virginia School Turnaround Specialist Program is the most established school turnaround program in the country and the only school turnaround program in existence that utilizes a systemic approach to change by working with schools, districts, and states to build internal capacity. In 2008, the UVA School Turnaround Specialist Program was selected as a national finalist for the Pioneer Institute’s Better Government Competition.

    Learn more about PLE

    Institutes on Academic Diversity

    Come join your national and international educator and leadership colleagues at one of the finest conference learning experiences offered. Gain an understanding of the attitudes and practices that support optimal learning environments for diverse learners, build repertoire of strategies and skills that support the development of high-quality curriculum and instruction, learn how to more effectively respond to the needs of a diverse classroom, and acquire the skills to lead and support the movement toward more responsive classrooms.  Experience the difference of a smaller presenter-participant ratio, needs-focused support systems, and differentiated principles embedded into the conference structures.  Take advantage of the opportunity to receive one-on-one support to help you grow in your journey toward a differentiated classroom or district.

    Learn more about Institutes on Academic Diversity

    Reading Academy and Workshops

    The Reading @ Curry program offers half-day workshops covering topics such as Phonological Awareness & Literacy Workstations, Phonics, Fluency and Phonics, and Comprehension.  Also offered is Reading Academy for Teachers of Struggling Readers, a four-day non-credit academy designed for teachers of all grade levels who teach reading.

    • Teacher Licensure Programs

      The Curry School offers teacher licensure programs, via several options, for:

      • Adult learners who have an undergraduate degree, and wish to obtain a Commonwealth of Virginia teaching license
      • Teachers who are currently licensed and wish to add an endorsement to their licensure

      Option 1: I want to obtain a Virginia teaching license & have an undergraduate degree.

      Please note that there are full- and part-time, but no online-only options, at the Curry School to obtain initial licensure.

      Curry offers the following routes, in the specified focus areas, to prepare for initial licensure

      A state-approved teacher preparation program for initial teacher licensure ( = for individuals who have never had a teaching license or undergone a teacher preparation program)


      Post-Graduate Master of Teaching (PGMT)

      Available on-grounds (in Charlottesville)

      This program offers a Master’s degree after a 1 year plan of study.

      Course & field work:

      The program includes:

      • Professional studies
      • All endorsement requirements
      • Pre-service fieldwork
      • The semester-long student teaching internship

      Candidates prepare their licensure application packet as part of the PGMT program.

      Upon completion of the program, graduates receive a signed College Verification Form indicating that they are eligible for licensure with endorsement in one or more of these areas:

      • Elementary Education (preK-6)
      • English (6-12)
      • Foreign Language (preK-12): Chinese, French, German, Latin, Spanish
      • Health & Physical Education (preK-12)
      • History & Social Science (6-12)
      • Mathematics (6-12)
      • Science (6-12): Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics
      • Special Education-General Curriculum (K-12)

      Available add-on endorsement content areas:

      • English as a Second Language
      • Gifted Education
      • Algebra I


      Post-Graduate Master of Teaching (PGMT): Special Education

      A state-approved teacher preparation program which  meets VDOE eligibility requirements for the post-graduate professional license with an endorsement in Special Education – General Curriculum (K-12)

      Available  in the Northern Virginia area

      Length/ format of study:
      Designed for working professionals; participants attend a blend of courses online and at our Falls Church center on evenings & selected weekends

      Course & field work:

      Candidates following a typical plan of study, with no more than 6 credits each semester (including summer), can complete the program within 3 years – sooner if they choose to accelerate their plan.

      Professional Studies Course Series

      (non-degree, non-certificate)

      Offers preparation for the alternative route to licensure in Virginia, in these content areas:

      Secondary (6-12) endorsements in Biology, Career & Technical Education, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Science, English, History & Social Sciences, Math, & Physics

      PreK-12 endorsements in ESL, Foreign Language, & Library Media (additional content-specific courses available through Curry)

      Prek-12 endorsements in Art, Dance, Health & Physical Education, Music, Theater Arts (additional content-specific courses not offered through Curry)

      Courses in this series are online except for one which is hybrid (combination online & F2F in either Charlottesville or Falls Church)

      Length/ format of study:
      Full- or part-time

      Students enrolled in this series will be given individual guidance on how to pursue licensure through this route

      These additional requirements must be met outside of, & are not included in, this course series:

      • Endorsement (content-area) requirements
      • Professional teacher assessment requirements
      • One year of supervised full-time teaching employment

      Course work:

      One 3-credit course in each of the following VDOE-required areas:

      • Human Growth and Development,
      • Curriculum and Instructional Procedures,
      • Classroom and Behavior Management
      • Foundations of Education
      • Reading

      Option 2: I am currently licensed by VDOE but wish to add an endorsement.

      Curry offers the following part-time routes to select add-on endorsement areas.

      Please note that our full-time PG/MT programs allow for the addition of some other areas of endorsement to their programs of study
      (e.g. ESOL, Special Education, Gifted Education).

      Endorsement Area Options

      Administration & Supervision

      • Offered in Charlottesville, Falls Church, and Richmond
      • Applicants for certificate option must have master’s degree
      • Available as a certificate program or as part of an M.Ed. program
      • No GRE required for the certificate option
      • Certificate (30 credits) & M.Ed. (36 credits) students complete required courses as well as an administrative internship, on a part-time basis.
      • State-approved program – results in a signed College Verification  Form

      English as a Second Language

      • Online
      • Consists of18 credit hours of online ELL courses
      • Remaining 6 credit hours of required modern foreign language courses may be met by
        • validation of undergraduate courses in foreign language or
        • by taking a basic foreign language course at an accredited community college
      • Endorsement is added via a VDOE review of transcript(s)  submitted through applicant’s employing school or school district; no College Verification Form provided 

      Gifted Education

      • Available as an online course series, or as an area of focus during an online M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction.
      • Course series consists of 12 hours of approved graduate-level coursework in gifted education that addresses specified competencies
      • Course series requires practicum of at least 45 instructional hours of successful teaching experiences with gifted students in a heterogeneously (mixed ability) or a homogeneously grouped (single ability) setting. One year of successful, full-time teaching may be accepted in lieu of the practicum.
      • State-approved program – results in a signed College Verification Form if internship completed through U.Va.

      Library Media Specialist

      • Online
      • Consists of consist of 15 undergraduate credits from UVa-Wise, plus an additional 12 graduate credits from the University of Virginia Curry School of Education and Human Development (only 9 hours if technology standards have been met). It is also possible to transfer in courses with advisor permission.
      • Qualified applicants (must already have licensure) will be admitted to the University of Virginia’s College at Wise Endorsement Program after review and approval of their credentials
      • Cohort format with each course offered once in the cycle.
      • Courses through UVa-Wise are taught via synchronized online meetings
      • Courses through UVa Curry will be taught asynchronously online
      • State-approved program – results in a signed College Verification  Form from Uva-Wise

      Reading Specialist

      • Available as a certificate program or as part of an M.Ed. program. Candidates can apply for a certificate or as an area of focus in an M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction degree program, which requires additional coursework
      • Certificate program is online, with the exception of 6 hours of clinical training taken toward the end of the program, offered in the summer in three sites in the state:  Charlottesville, Northern Virginia, & Richmond.
      • Certificate consists of twenty-four (24) hours of coursework in the reading area and six (6) hours in cognate areas as prescribed by the Commonwealth of Virginia for its K-12 reading specialist endorsement
      • RVE exam is required for successful certificate completion
      • Teachers can finish the certificate program in 2-3 years' time as part-time students depending on courses selected 
      • State-approved program – results in a signed College Verification  Form