UVA Reading Professional Development

The University of Virginia’s Reading Education program offers professional development opportunities for educators to strengthen their knowledge about the science of reading and their ability to translate that knowledge into classroom instruction. UVA Reading offers school leaders non-credit and credit-earning professional development contract opportunities to meet their staffing needs. Individual educators can enroll in credit-earning courses as non-degree students.

UVA Reading Professional Development

Available Non-Credit Professional Learning for School Divisions

School divisions may contract with UVA Reading to offer customized non-credit professional development through multiple modalities: online, in-person, or hybrid. The non-credit professional development opportunities include: Online Modules, Workshops, Coaching, and Mentoring. Contact Emma Pearson at ecp4ey@virginia.edu to create a custom professional development offering for your school division.

  • Online Modules

    UVA Reading offers schools divisions the opportunity to provide literacy professional development aligned with the science of reading through online learning modules. The online modules are available as stand-alone learning experiences or as part of a larger professional development package. UVA Reading can provide a customized professional development program incoporating online modules, workshops, coaching, and mentoring. 

  • Workshops

    We also provide half-day workshops that concentrate on the topics listed below. Participants receive current research and best practices on a literacy related topic. Teachers leave each workshop with hands-on activities/materials they can use in their classrooms the very next day! 

    1. Reading Foundations and Introduction to the Science of Reading
    2. Phonological Awareness
    3. Phonics, Decoding/Encoding, and Word Reading
    4. Fluency
    5. Comprehension
    6. Small-Group, Supplemental Reading Instruction
    7. Data Based Decision Making to Drive Reading Instruction 
  • Coaching

    University of Virginia (UVA) offers coaching designed to meet the unique and specific needs of your school. Meet with a team from UVA to craft a coaching experience that will provide your staff with the tools they need to implement best practices in literacy instruction. Models might include observations and feedback, professional development training, and/or side-by-side coaching.  Schools receive ongoing feedback and recommendations for strengthening their existing literacy instruction.  

    "A strength of the coaching experience was the immediate feedback, one-on-one help with student grouping, and attention to what could realistically happen in the classroom." -Sara, Elementary Classroom Teacher, Caroline County Public Schools

    "The coach was very knowledgeable about all the subject matter. She gave positive feedback while at the same time explaining what the teachers could be doing to strengthen instruction." -Jennifer, Elementary Reading Specialist, Richmond County Public Schools


  • Mentoring

    More information coming soon! 

Available Credit-Earning Professional Development

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at http://records.ureg.virginia.edu/index.php.