Research, Statistics & Evaluation

The RSE program is focused on training students with the knowledge and skills needed to become successful methodologists in education and the social sciences. Program faculty are committed to the growth and development of students through courses on contemporary topics in quantitative and qualitative approaches to inquiry; and mentoring experiences that engage students with faculty research to prepare them for careers as independent researchers.

The School of Education and Human Development Impact

Graduates of UVA's School of Education and Human Development RSE program understand the potential uses and limitations of a wide variety of methodological tools for testing theories, developing and evaluating the quality of measurement instruments, evaluating the impacts of programs, and creating research designs that allow for evaluations of causal impacts. The M.Ed. prepares students for research roles as applied data scientists in settings the involve working with large data sets to address questions of substantive importance. Students in the RSE doctoral program develop an evidence-based program of study with focus on quantitative methods, qualitative methods, or program evaluation that provides the necessary foundation to become independent researchers.


The goal of this program is to produce graduates with the requisite knowledge, expertise, experience and professional traits to work as researchers, evaluators, policy analysts, assessment specialists and/or professors in a variety of professional settings, such as universities, government agencies or contract R & D firms. According to Fortune magazine, Statistics is ranked 2nd as the best graduate degree for a job, because the projected growth rate is 16.4% by 2024, and 75% of people in stats jobs are highly satisfied. Master's degree graduates are offered premium salaries.

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Choosing the right degree within our program is important to ensuring that you achieve an outcome that supports your career goals. Let us help guide you through your choices.

  • M.Ed. in Quantitative Analytics in Education (QAE) and the Social Sciences

    The Master of Education program is designed to prepare students for work in school systems, state education departments, testing companies, state and federal governments, private companies, and other organizations in which data analytics play a role. This program is also useful for existing professionals looking to complement their existing work, and to prepare students looking to pursue more advanced training through completion of a doctorate degree in research methodology.

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  • Ph.D. in Education—Research, Statistics & Evaluation

    In earning a Ph.D. in Education—Research, Statistics & Evaluation from the School of Education and Human Development, you will become an educational scholar who conducts original research and interprets and communicates the results of such research as an author, university professor, or as a governmental or research agency official. All PhD students are fully funded (tuition and a graduate stipend) for four years.

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Research, Statistics & Evaluation by the Numbers

  • 2 nd

    Best Graduate Degree for Jobs (Statistics), Fortune Magazine

  • 16 %

    Projected Growth in Statistics-Related Jobs by 2024, Fortune Magazine

  • 75 %

    Percent of Statistics Graduates are Highly Satisfied, Fortune Magazine

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