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Research & Higher Education

Driving discovery and innovation

Across more than 20 programs built for professors, researchers, and higher education leaders, School of Education and human Development students and graduates are shaping the future of higher education and driving cutting-edge research.

Preparing Scholars for Impact

What Happens After College?

Professor Josipa Roksa discusses her book that outlines the challenges college graduates face two years after graduating.

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Virginia Education Science Training Program

For more than a decade, School of Education and Human Development faculty have been training education researchers.

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Remembering the Forgotten Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement

Teachers In The Movement

Professor Derrick Alridge is conducting research and collecting oral histories on educators who served as activists during the civil rights movement.


Related Career Opportunities

Researchers and Professors

Our Ph.D. programs prepare scholars who engage in original research. Upon graduation, students are prepared primarily for positions as faculty members in higher education or as researchers at research centers, policy centers or government agencies.

Higher Education

Our higher education degrees provide the opportunity to explore established and emerging practices and policies in higher ed. Focus areas include general administration, student affairs and intercollegiate athletics.

Research, Statistics & Evaluation

The goal of the RSE program is to produce graduates with the requisite knowledge, expertise, experience and professional traits to work productively as researchers, evaluators, policy analysts, assessment specialists and/or professors.