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Gifted Education: Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Close student-faculty mentorship and an emphasis on applied research prepare graduates of the Ph.D. in Gifted Education program for careers in university settings or at research organizations.

At a Glance

Program Results

Ph.D. - Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Gifted Education

Career Objective

Leadership positions in school divisions; College or university positions in gifted education particularly research-focused positions;  in school district central office positions; and with educational research labs

Best Suited To

Highly qualified scholar-researchers who are interested in working in fields where the emphasis is on the production of scholarship, rather than application to practice.

Program Type

  • Full Time


  • In-Person

Estimated Length

4 years

Application Deadline

December 1



About This Program

The study of gifted and talented individuals offered through the School of Education and Human Development (EHD), University of Virginia, is a program area specialty within the department of Curriculum, Instruction, and Special Education. A strong foundational knowledge of principles of development (human, child, and/or adolescent), and concepts from the fields of assessment and research form the basis for understanding these exceptional learners.

The primary purpose of the Ph.D. program is to prepare highly qualified scholar-researchers who will be able to take a variety of positions in higher education settings (both public and private). Graduates will be well prepared for employment as research scholars, policy analysts, and faculty members in higher education programs where the emphasis is on the production of scholarship, rather than application to practice.

Program Overview

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements that apply specifically to this program are listed below:

  • A writing sample (10-15 pages)
  • A goal statement (1-2 pages)
  • An interview with one or more program area faculty

Visit our Graduate Admission page for the full admission process

Graduate Admission

Application for admission is made to the School of Education and Human Development Office of Admission & Enrollment. For more information about the graduate admission process, please visit our Graduate Admission page.


To learn more about specific courses taken as part of the completion of this degree, visit the Graduate Record website. These webpages represent the official repository for academic program requirements. A link to these publications can be found in the Curriculum Information section at the bottom of this page.

Required courses include 6 credit hours of foundational courses related to development and assessment; one 3-hour departmental required course on research; 24 credit hours in core courses of the field of gifted education; 21 credit hours in research core courses; up to 6 credits of gifted education and/or general electives depending on courses taken at the masters level; and 12 or more credits associated with research mentorship and dissertation study work.



Departmental fellowships and assistantships are provided to a select number of applicants each year. A typical funding package includes funding for nine months in a combination of wages and stipends, tuition and all mandatory fees, and funds to cover student health insurance costs. The University also offers a limited number of competitive fellowships for which students enrolled in Ph.D. programs may apply.

Visit the Fellowships, Scholarships, and Awards page for additional funding opportunities.

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