Advising Guide: Adding an Endorsement to your Current Teaching License

Interested in adding an endorsement to your existing Virginia professional teaching license?

The Virginia Department of Education sets regulations for adding an endorsement to an existing teaching license.

While some endorsements may be added through a rigorous academic subject test, some endorsements may be added through coursework and other requirements set forth by VDOE. Your first step is to review the list of endorsements and identify the pathways for adding each one to your license. Review the Virginia regulations.

Option 1: Add an endorsement through an approved program

The School of Education and Human Development offers state-approved teacher education programs in a variety of disciplines. Each program leads to a specific endorsement and a Master of Teaching degree. While most licensed teachers do not opt to complete another preparation program, some teachers moving into very different disciplines find it to be the pathway that meets their professional needs. 

Option 2: Add an endorsement by completing coursework

Review the Virginia licensure regulations to identify the courses needed to add the endorsement. For some endorsements, you only need content courses. For other endorsements, you need a combination of content and pedagogy courses. UVA offers several course series options specifically designed to help you add an endorsement. These courses are offered as standalone course series, certificate programs, and areas of emphasis within our Master of Education programs. 

Option 3: Add an endorsement through Praxis testing

Many endorsements can be added to a professional teaching license by taking a Praxis exam. You cannot use an exam to add an endorsement in elementary education (prek-3 or prek-6), special education, or reading specialist. You can access a list of approved Praxis tests on the Virginia Department of Education website.

Adding an Endorsement: Instructions

  • Instructions for Teachers Currently Employed in Virginia

    If you are currently employed by a VA educational agency, please work directly with your HR department to submit the paperwork for adding an endorsement to your license.

  • Instructions for Teachers Not Currently Employed in Virginia

    If you are not currently employed by a VA educational agency, UVA is pleased to provided the following guidance. After completing the requirements for your additional endorsement, send your materials to VDOE.

    Completed materials can be sent to: 

       Virginia Department of Education
       Division of Teacher Education and Licensure
       P.O. Box 2120
       Richmond, Virginia 23218-2120


    Your materials should include:

    1. Cover letter to VDOE requesting endorsement

    2. Payment (access the fee schedule here); it costs $50 to add an endorsement, but you may have additional fees if you are making other updates to your license

    3. Supporting Materials

    • If you completed a Master of Teaching program, the Director of Teacher Education will provide you with a College Verification Form to verify your successful completion of the program. 
    • If you completed a series of courses, submit official copies of all relevant transcripts. UVA transcripts can be ordered here.
    • If you completed a practicum, submit a letter on division or school letterhead from an administrator verifying you completed the required practicum under the supervision of a teacher endorsed in that area.
    • If you completed one-year of successful full-time teaching in the area of endorsement, submit a Report on Experience Form (included in the VDOE Teaching Licensure application) filled out by the appropriate school official noting successful completion.
    • If you completed a Praxis exam, submit a copy of your test score report.