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Policy & Leadership

Real Progress Through Strong Leadership

At the School of Education and Human Development, we’re developing bold leaders who create and advocate for the effective, research-backed education programs and policies our students need.

Alumni, Faculty, and Student Leaders

Class of 2017: Taking A Seat At The Table With DC Education Policy Makers

Veronica Katz frequently took the train to Washington to meet with school officials to discuss the IMPACT research.

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Leading By Example

UVA alum Ben Williams knows struggle, fear and loss. But he also knows hope – he sees it every day at his school.

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Texting Campaign Focused on College Affordability Reaches Over Half a Million Students

This fall over half a million students received text messages encouraging them to take advantage of new financial aid...

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Preparing to Lead

Bryan van Groningen shares his experience as a doctoral student in Administration & Supervision.


Related Career Opportunities

Education Policy

There exists a growing need for careful, experimental and quasi-experimental research to inform key education policy issues, as policymakers at the federal, state and local levels are actively exploring strategies to improve educational outcomes for all students.

Education Leadership

Are you ready to advance into a leadership position in your school or school division? Do you want to have a broader impact on education in your community, and are passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all children?

Curriculum & Instruction

The Ed School has partnered with UVA’s Darden School of Business to develop a program designed for the next generation of leaders—those who will innovate and transform education around the world. Additionally, teachers are often tapped to lead in a variety of ways. Our C&I program allows educators to expand their expertise in a range of areas.

Social Foundations

Here, we examine issues that reach beyond the given roles and goals of educational specialists and practitioners and delve into the complex interrelationships between school and society, education and culture.