A&S M.Ed. Program Frequently Asked Questions

Why Administration & Supervision? Why UVA and the School of Education and Human Development?


Why should I consider a degree in educational administration and supervision?

If you are passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all learners and are ready to make a broader impact on your community, our Administration & Supervision program can help you become a top-tier education leader.

Commitment, high energy and enthusiasm are the key characteristics of an effective leader in education. Under the direction of the School of Education and Human Development’s nationally acclaimed faculty, you will use these traits to develop effective solutions to the current challenges facing education and educational leaders.

As a student in the Administration & Supervision program, you will learn how adults develop and grow, how to lead, and how to apply processes that guide continuous improvement in schools. At the School of Education and Human Development, we weave issues of diversity and equity throughout our coursework so that you can create optimal learning environments for all children.


What are the different types of A&S degree programs, and for which one should I apply?


The M.Ed. is the preferred preparation option for educators who want to become an assistant principal, principal or central office supervisor. By earning an M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision, you will learn how to guide the teaching of excellent instructors, manage the complex needs of students and parents, and help orchestrate school reform. This innovative program provides unique core classes and a meaningful administrative internship that is individually designed for you to promote your growth and development. This program is offered part time for working professionals in and around Charlottesville, Falls Church and Richmond, with in-person classes offered approximately once a month during three field-based courses near the end of this program.


The highly competitive, top-ranked Ed.D. in our Administration & Supervision program engages individuals  in an advanced leadership preparation program for sitting school leaders with a focus on systems thinking at the division level. This part-time program in Falls Church holds face-to-face classes on one Friday and Saturday per month with online work completed between classes. The next cohort starts in summer 2019, with recruitment beginning in fall 2018 and applications due December 15, 2018.


This small, personalized, top-tier education leadership program is a full-time, research-based program offered in Charlottesville and investigates leadership of low-performing schools; policy concerning school turnarounds; K-12 leadership for educational technology; and preparation of educational leaders. The School of Education and Human Development also hosts the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), an international organization representing research universities offering doctoral degrees in educational leadership. Because of UCEA’s affiliation with the Administration & Supervision program, you will have a variety of opportunities to collaborate with the headquarters staff on a variety of innovative projects focused on the preparation of educational leaders.


Why have people decided to enroll in UVA’s program?

Quality matters!

1st Best Administration & Supervision Program in Virginia, U.S. News & World Report

10th Best Administration & Supervision Program in the Country, U.S. News & World Report

42% of Virginia's School Superintendents are School of Education and Human Development Graduates (56 of 134)


What does the M.Ed. program do to prepare me to become an educational leader? How is it structured? What will I be doing?

Our newly redesigned M.Ed. in Administration & Supervision will prepare you to promote systemic equity in your school using evidence-based leadership practices to craft school goals, lead the instructional program, develop faculty and staff, and redesign organizational features.

One of the most cost-effective in Virginia, our innovative program for the initial preparation of school leaders combines highly interactive online courses with field-based activities and an administrative internship – each accompanied by opportunities for reflection and dialogue.

The program takes a developmental approach to adult learning. Graduate students progress through developmental stages in their own professional growth and then learn how to cultivate excellence and leadership in adult learners on their school staff. Upon completion of the program, graduates are equipped with the tools of improvement science to lead change across their school, ensuring that every learner has the support and resources they need. You will become an equity-oriented leader equipped to create high-quality educational opportunities for ALL students by developing the professional capacity of your staff and facilitating continuous improvement throughout your organization.

View the course of study


Logistics: Where? How? How much? Who?


Do I need to move to Charlottesville to complete the program?

No. Eight of the eleven courses are synchronously online (meaning they meet at the same time), with two courses being face-to-face and field based in your choice of Charlottesville, Falls Church, or Richmond, in addition to an administrative internship. In addition, each summer there is a three-day residency on Grounds in Charlottesville.


What are the requirements for admission?


  • Baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university;
  • B average GPA or better for the last two years of undergraduate study;
  • Online application for admission and transcripts of all previous undergraduate and graduate work;
  • GRE scores no more than 5 years old (or the GRE alternative approach described below*);
  • Three years of teaching experience;
  • A Virginia Professional License (if you wish to be recommended for endorsement in Administration and Supervision);
  • Two letters of recommendation from professionals who can attest to your promise as a graduate student and a professional educator, preferably one from a course instructor and one from a supervisor;
  • Current résumé; and
  • Statement of professional goals (typically 1 to 2 pages).

*We offer an alternative approach to the use of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that includes an oral response to interview questions and a 30-minute timed writing sample. Please indicate your interest in the alternative to the GRE, and we will contact you after the application due date with directions for submitting these two items.

Application Due Date

ALL application materials, including test scores, transcripts, and recommendations, must be received by the deadlines below in order for an application to be considered complete.

  • Summer Entry: March 15
  • Fall Entry: April 15
  • Spring Entry: November 15


Do I need to re-take the GRE?

We accept GRE scores no more than 5 years old. We offer an alternative approach to the use of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) that includes an oral response to interview questions and a 30-minute timed writing sample. Please indicate your interest in the alternative to the GRE, and we will contact you after the application due date with directions for submitting these two items.


How much does the program cost? How much is this cost relative to other programs?

Our discounted educator tuition rate makes this program one of the most cost-effective in Virginia.

Learn more about the School of Education and Human Development Graduate Tuition and Fee Rates for 2018-19


Who teaches in the program?

In addition to veteran local school leaders, like Stewart Roberson, former superintendent of Hanover Co. Public Schools and Professor-in-Residence, the following experienced School of Education and Human Development faculty teach in the program:

Sara Dexter
Associate Professor, Program Coordinator, Senior Associate Director, UCEA

David Eddy Spicer
Associate Professor

Sandra P. Mitchell
Instructor of Education

Pamela D. Tucker


Who will my fellow students be?

The Administration and Supervision program currently enrolls approximately 150 students in its various certificate and degree programs. We seek students who have a strong academic profile and demonstrated leadership potential in their professional work. The academic profile for students admitted in Fall 2016, was as follows:

  • Average Undergraduate GPA: 3.52
  • Average GRE scores:
  • Quantitative – 152
  • Verbal - 157
  • Analytical Writing -  4.3

For students who graduated between Fall 2016 and Summer 2017, the average score on the licensure exam (the School Leaders Licensure Assessment, or SLLA), was 182.

In Virginia, a passing score on the SLLA is defined by regulation as 165, and 100% of our graduates passed the licensure exam.


How large will my classes be?

Core content classes will be taught with 30-35 students, and field-based courses will vary from 10-15 in size.


Whom can I contact if I have questions during the A&S admissions process?

Shirley Cauley, Admissions & Outreach Specialist

Email: [email protected]


What is the substance of the M.Ed. program?


How long is the program?

The Master of Education degree requires at least 30 credits of graduate study. The program also requires a 3-hour internship experience for endorsement candidates. The state required SLLA exam serves as the comprehensive examination for all graduates.

This program is offered as part time only. By taking two courses per semester, students can complete the course of study and internship in six semesters.

Semester of Entry:

Ideally, students may enter in the summer, and begin their studies with the annual three-day residency program for new students, with a variety of activities to build community and orient students to the program and the technology used for course delivery. If space permits, it is also possible to begin in the fall or spring.


What are the requirements for graduation?

View A&S Graduation and Endorsement Instructions


What are the courses I’ll be taking and are there some introductory details about each one?

Core classes address leadership in school climate, instructional supervision and professional learning, special populations, continuous improvement, educational technology, school finance, and family and community engagement – each applying theory to practice to ensure relevancy to contemporary school challenges. The program then culminates with a meaningful administrative internship individually designed to promote your leadership development.

See List of Courses for the M.Ed. program


In what format will my courses be taught?

The eight core content classes will be taught online using a mix of live classes and independent work assignments affording students a significant flexibility over traditional classes. The three field-based courses will be offered in a blended format of face-to-face Saturday sessions and online meetings. Each summer, the program will sponsor a three-day residency to orient students to the program and build community.

See 2018 Summer Schedule


What is the workload like? What are some assignments I’ll have?

Based on accreditation standards, a 3-hour course equals 135 hours of effort, including time attending class and completing assignments independently.

All assignments are intentionally designed to engage students actively in the content and to present authentic learning experiences in preparation for school leadership roles. Sample assignments include:

  • 90-day improvement plan
  • Community walk
  • Legal issues debates
  • Development of a school budget
  • Technology integration plan


What will my internship be like? Where can I complete my internship?

Typically students complete the internship in their current school. See Internship Handbook.


How do I get a job post-program?


What is the job placement outlook if I choose to attend the UVA M.Ed. program?

Graduates of our highly ranked Administration & Supervision program find meaningful, impactful work in and out of the classroom. Our graduates have gone on to become superintendents, principals, assistant principals, central office supervisors and  leaders of educational organizations.


Does the UVA program help support my job search?

The School of Education and Human Development Career Services office offers a full range of supportive services for program area graduates, including feedback on résumés, mock interview experiences, an Educators’ Expo (job fair), and job search tools. Individual faculty members provide job references and advising on professional opportunities.

If need more information not found in this FAQ, consult the Administration & Supervision Handbook.