Master of Teaching - Science

Do you want to be a science teacher in middle or high school? Apply now to join our Teacher Education community, ranked #6 among the best secondary education programs in the country.

The School of Education and Human Development is proud to offer a Master of Teaching (M.T.) degree and teacher licensure with an endorsement in Science (grades 6-12). Candidates choose an area of emphasis: biology, chemistry, earth science, or physics. This is a post-graduate program for those who have already completed an undergraduate degree.

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6 th

Best Secondary Education Program in the Country, U.S. News & World Report

Program Details

  • Admission Requirements

    1. Possess an undergraduate degree prior to matriculation. Students are encouraged to major in their area of endorsement, though other majors will be considered if the student has completed the pre-requisites listed below. Applicants are expected to have a minimum GPA of 2.7 with a 3.0 GPA in the major, though applicants not meeting this requirement will be considered. Faculty review applications holistically and will consider academic record, goals, relevant experience, and letters of recommendation.

    Current UVA students who hold a cumulative GPA of 3.3 or above qualify as direct admit applicants and are not required to submit reference letters. Admission is not guaranteed for direct admit applicants. 

    • Biology endorsement:
      • Genetics
      • Biochemistry/Molecular biology
      • Cell biology
      • Botany
      • Zoology
      • Anatomy/Physiology
      • Ecology
      • Evolutionary biology
      • Mathematics/Statistics
      • Earth Science
      • Intro Chemistry/Organic Chemistry
      • Physics
      • History of Science*
    • Chemistry endorsement:
      • Inorganic chemistry
      • Organic chemistry
      • Analytical chemistry
      • Biochemistry
      • Physical chemistry
      • Biology
      • Earth Science
      • Mathematics/Statistics/Calculus
      • Physics
      • History of Science*
    • Earth and Space Sciences endorsement: 
      • Structural geology
      • Petrology
      • Paleontology
      • Oceanography
      • Meteorology
      • Astronomy/space science
      • Biology
      • Intro Chemistry/Organic Chemistry
      • Mathematics
      • Physics
      • History of Science*
    • Physics endorsement:
      • Mechanics
      • Electricity & Magnetism
      • Optics
      • Modern Physics
      • Biology
      • Earth Science
      • Intro Chemistry/Organic Chemistry
      • Mathematics/Statistics/Calculus
      • History of Science*

    *The History of Science requirement will be met by all candidates during the Master of Teacher program. All candidates will enroll in EDIS 5049: History of Science for Teachers during the summer semester.

    *We strongly encourage applicants to spend time in schools and/or work with adolescents prior to applying. Access a list of suggested opportunities here.

  • Application Due Date

    Prospective students must complete the online application and submit supporting materials by April 1. Admissions are rolling, and decisions will be returned approximately 6 weeks after the application is submitted. Prospective students are encouraged to submit their applications by February 1. Applications reviewed after February 1 will be considered on a space-available basis.

    **All application fees have been waived for Post-Graduate Master of Teaching (PGMT) students applying to start in Summer 2022.**

  • Early Admission for UVA Undergraduate Students

    Undergraduate students at UVA may apply early to the Master of Teaching program during the 2nd or 3rd year. Students admitted to the program will be guaranteed admission to the PGMT program as long as they meet all program prerequisites and maintain a strong academic record. Contact Jillian McGraw, Director of Teacher Education, with questions about the early admission process. 

    Students can apply early through the EHD undergraduate application. When applying, you will not see the correct summer start terms available to you because we share this application portal with undergraduate admissions. Choose any future start term, and we will adjust your entry term during the review process. 

  • Course Overview

    Refer to the Secondary Advising Guide in the Getting Started section above for a detailed list of courses and additional requirements. The 2021-22 calendar is outlined below. The 2022-23 calendar has not yet been approved. It will follow a similar structure to the current calendar, but the dates may change based on university and P-12 calendars. 


    • Orientation: June 3-4, 2021
    • Classes Run: June 7, 2021 - August 6, 2021


    • School Placements Begin: August 16, 2021 


    • School Placements Begin: January 3, 2021
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  • Public Professional Licensure Disclosures

    As a member of the State Authorizations Reciprocity Agreement, the University of Virginia (UVA) is authorized to provide curriculum in a distance learning environment to students located in all states in the United States except for California. (34 CFR 668.43(a)(6)& 34 CFR 668.72(n)).

    Upon completion of the Master of Teaching program at the UVA School of Education and Human Development, graduates may be eligible for initial professional licensure in another U.S. state by applying to the licensing board or agency in that state. Please visit the University’s state authorization web pages to make an informed decision regarding which states’ educational requirements for initial licensure are met by this program. (668.43(a)(5) (v)(A) - (C))

    Enrolled students who change their current (or mailing) address to a state other than Virginia should update this information immediately in the Student Information System as it may impact their ability to complete internship, practicum, or clinical hours, use Title IV funds, or meet licensure or certification requirements in the new state. (34 CFR 668.402).

The information contained on this website is for informational purposes only. The Undergraduate Record and Graduate Record represent the official repository for academic program requirements. These publications may be found at