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K-12 School Settings

Training teachers, leaders, and world-changers

Through rigorous, research-based programs, we're giving educators the subject knowledge, skills, and hands-on experience they need to lead classrooms and cultivate growing minds.

Impact in Schools

Matt Shields on the Art of Student-Led Teaching

UVA alumnus and Charlottesville High School teacher Matt Shields, who built an engineering curriculum from the ground up...

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School Counselors Lend an Ear, Lead a Community

How do K-12 schools navigate the muddy waters of acknowledging complex issues like global terrorism and racial unrest...

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Ed School Team Aims to Pinpoint the Preparation That Makes the Best Teachers

What happens in university-based teacher preparation programs that enhances the quality of teaching in individuals before...

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Partnering with the VA Institute of Autism

From teachers and principals to school counselors and clinical psychologists, EHD prepares a wide array of professionals who engage with students with autism.


Related Career Opportunities


All kids deserve great teachers, and we prepare our teachers to meet the challenges of today's schools. Whether you want to get your initial license or expand your expertise, we can help find the right program for you.

Clinical Support Services

Professionals supporting students outside of the classrooms in K-12 schools are critical to students' well-being. If you have a desire to be inside a school setting but not necessarily as a teacher, check out these programs.

Ed Leadership

Are you ready to advance into a leadership position in your school or school division? Do you want to have a broader impact on education in your community, and are passionate about equity and educational opportunities for all children?

Social Foundations

Often called the “humanities of education,” Social Foundations provides a broad understanding of the complexities of today's education environment, plus the focused knowledge and skill development needed to directly help students in the classroom. Graduates find that this solid foundation helps them more effectively teach a diverse student body.