For Hoos Thinking About a Major

A UVA undergraduate major is a first step to a career as a speech-language pathologist, an audiologist, a deaf educator, or as a speech, voice or hearing scientist.  Each of those careers start here.

Help someone say, “I love you.”

How do you intend to make a difference in this world?  Do these questions resonate? 

Student working with childWould you like to help a toddler with autism express what her wants and needs?
Would you like to help a young stutterer talk in front of his class, or help him introduce himself to a stranger who he would like to take as a friend?
Would you like to provide an electronic device to a woman who is physically unable to talk, so that she may ‘speak’ to the rest of the world?
Would you like to make it easier for a stroke survivor to tell to her granddaughter, “I’m proud of you'?
Would you like to improve the quality of life of a veteran with traumatic brain injury through improved cognition and communication?
Would you like to see the delight on the face of a young girl when she hears birds singing for the first time through her new hearing aids?
Would you like to make it possible for parents to feed their child who is under nourished because she can’t swallow safely?
Would you like to help a husband say to his spouse, “Thank you. I love you”?

Communicating with strangers and with loved ones affects our education, our success in life, and our quality of life. Communicating effectively and effortlessly is a gift that not everyone shares.  Some people need another to make a difference in their life.  Start here and those individuals will make a difference in your life as well.

Interested? Check out this video on YouTube.

What Are the Course Requirements for the Major?

First and Second Year students express interest and questions to our Advisor, Dr. Filip Loncke (  He will help you explore the major. 

Second Year students apply to the Program in Spring and enter into the Program as Third Years. Course requirements

The Bigger Picture:  Career Choices

After the stepping stone of a pre-professional bachelors degree, a clinical career requires a professional degree (usually a masters degree for speech-language pathology or a clinical doctorate for audiology).  At UVA, the clinical degree is an M.Ed. in Speech-Language Pathology. Some people go on to a research degree (a Ph.D.) for a career in science. There are a wide array of possibilities in this field.