Online Education Partnership

The online education partnership program between the University of Melbourne and the University of Virginia takes a ground-breaking approach to teaching.

Advance your career in education and become a change agent



Suitable for experienced educators, this partnership program is designed to be reflective about how students learn in the classroom. Drawing on robust and vibrant research the program helps teachers develop progressive approaches to learning and is tailored to suit diverse classroom and individual student needs.

This innovative program also equips teachers to identify problems of practice and advance the goals of schooling by empowering practitioners to influence policy makers. 

Students of this 100% online program will:

  • Develop research-based practice to improve student learning outcomes
  • Learn skills that will influence educational approaches, challenges and policies
  • Gain strategic expertise to spearhead developments in the education system

Find out how the education partnership program can enhance your career.

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In less time, and for less cost

The education partnership program is a world first, offering teachers the opportunity for career advancement at a significantly reduced cost and by considerably reducing the time taken to study.

Students of this program are firstly required to complete the Master of Education in Evidence-Based Teaching at the University of Melbourne. You are then able to transition into the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Virginia. This progression through each qualification will ensure you leave a lasting impact in the classroom and beyond.

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Teachers as leaders

By maximising your skills and knowledge in expert curriculum and instruction you’ll be able to support each student in the best way you can. You’ll also have the visibility and accountability to share your empirical knowledge to shape social opinions and help solve persistent and consistent problems.

As a specialist in education you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with the faculty from both universities, with your peers and with a global community – furthering your ability to develop means to problem solve.

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Please Note: Partnership students can apply to the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Curriculum & Instruction before completing their Master of Education in Evidence-Based Teaching at the University of Melbourne. However, you must complete the Master of Education in Evidence-Based Teaching degree before matriculating into the Education Doctorate (Ed.D.) in Curriculum & Instruction.