Human Services

The Department of Human Services provides education and training programs for graduate and undergraduate students in the areas of Counselor Education, Clinical and School Psychology, Speech Pathology and Audiology, and Youth and Social Innovation.

Doctoral training is provided through the Combined Program in Clinical and School Psychology and in Speech Pathology and Audiology. The Department also supports Master’s Programs in School Counseling and Communication Disorders. The Department is home to undergraduate programs in Speech Pathology and Audiology and Youth and Social Innovation.

The Department and its faculty emphasize research, scholarship and intervention. Quality research and the application of research and theory to practice is the hallmark of the Department of Human Services. Areas of special interest include youth violence, speech and hearing concerns, mentoring middle school students, autism spectrum disorders, international education and service, school interventions, incarcerated adolescents and adults, positive youth development, learning and attention disorders.

Graduate programs work closely with the Sheila Johnson Center for Human Services, a clinical training and services center in the areas of speech and hearing services, psychological assessment and intervention, reading, and career planning and development. The Center and its several clinics provide services to the larger community receiving referrals from around the region including the University, schools, mental health service agencies, hospitals,  courts and detention centers, healthcare facilities and others. Graduate and undergraduate students and faculty are involved in community service and service learning through programs such as the Young Women Leaders Program.

Students working in the Department at the graduate and undergraduate levels are involved with faculty research and scholarship making professional presentations, presenting to policy making bodies, collaborating on publications and being involved in training activities in the professional community. Most faculty within the Department serve as licensed practitioners as well as quality researchers.

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