UVA School of Education & Human Development Vision & Mission


We are scholars, teachers, clinicians and innovators whose work promotes human development across a broad array of settings, experiences and backgrounds. We prepare leaders in the practice and study of education, health, wellbeing, and human services. We foster authentic partnerships linking application and scholarship. We build knowledge and tools for evidence-based application. We shape practice and policy to achieve important societal and personal outcomes.


We will spur transformative change in education and human development through rigorous practice-informed scholarship and professional preparation. EHD strives to create a feedback loop that ties together the actions of discovery, instruction and practice for mutual benefit. Research and instruction conducted by our faculty is inextricable from practices in our broad fields; and we envision ourselves as leading and cultivating the “science of applied practice” in education and human development

We value rigorous scholarship and impactful application; high academic standards and integrity; diversity and inclusivity of multiple ideas and points of view; respectful and caring professional and learning environments; and partnerships with each other, our local, and greater communities.