Letter from the Dean

Robert Pianta, Dean School of Education and Human DevelopmentThe School of Education and Human Development boasts a remarkable portfolio of work – scholarship that is alive and relevant to the everyday work of professionals in education and human development and exceptional preparation programs across a wide range of disciplines. As we move into the future, it is our commitment that the School of Education and Human Development is driven by innovation and impact. I am exceptionally proud of what we do here. And I am convinced that the work of this school is more important than ever.

The actions that define and embody these commitments are not confined by the walls of university buildings. Rather, our work resides in the unfolding of opportunities created when the talent and ideas of the School of Education and Human Development faculty and students converge with the daily work of professionals – in schools, clinics, community organizations, and government. We frame our work by the uncovering of assets, and the impact of School of Education and Human Development emerges from the collective insight, passion, and commitment of tenacious and creative thinkers, evaluators and solvers.

At the School of Education and Human Development we are resolved to tackle big questions, the ones that seem intransigent and fundamental. We approach these thorny challenges with the energy and talent of teams, the perspective that assets reside within all systems, and our role is to inquire, discover, inspire, and partner to wrestle challenges into solutions that enable individuals and societies to thrive and flourish.

You belong here. There is a place for you. In a conversation, an interaction, or a moment of inspiration—your energy, your idea may be the missing piece that unlocks the possible. We’re already doing great things here at the School of Education and Human Development. With you on our team, we will do even more.

School Leadership