SEEDS4Change Logo


SEEDS4Change is a student organization committed to challenging unspoken dominant narratives, empowering students to understand their agency, and creating sustainable systemic change in the School of Education and Human Development's Community.


  • To create a supportive atmosphere for courageous conversations surrounding issues of race, religion, gender, disabilities, socio-economic status, and sexual orientation
  • To urge School of Education and Human Development members to continuously reflect on their own biases and cultural assumptions
  • To uncover normative power dynamics and advocate for equity and social justice
  • To provide opportunities for networking and interdisciplinary action with the goal of critical engagement 

2019-2020 Steering Committee Members

  • Haley Johnson (Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Science)
  • Christopher Mathis (Higher Education)
  • Daniel Moraguez (Administration & Supervision)
  • Alexa Quinn (Curriculum & Instruction)
  • Edward Scott (Educational Psychology-Applied Developmental Science)
  • Maggie Thornton (Administration & Supervision)
  • Christian West (Higher Education)

Diversity Resources at the School of Education and Human Development