EHD Student Advisory Board


The Student Advisory Board was created with the following vision and mission in mind: to cultivate leadership capacities and professional advisory skills --- engaging students across the different demographics in EHD --- in matters relating to student affairs and diversity and inclusion. SAB will not serve a programmatic function and will not have a programmatic budget. Rather, it will be a space where focused-discussions can be held around topics that are relevant to students, including admissions, recruitment, student support, policies, curriculum, school-wide climate, etc., to gather feedback and insight about students’ experience.


The EHD SAB maps its mission into three components:

  • The SAB seeks to be involved in school-wide activities, including career fairs, conferences, guest speaker series, development workshops, and showcase events, to inform their understanding of the student experience more thoroughly.
  • It seeks to build relationships and support amongst students in the SAB, to co-create a brave space for idea-generation and discussion.
  • As leaders, the SAB serves as a sounding board and in an advisory capacity for the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Organizational Structure

The SAB will be made up of a steering committee of 8-10 members, a mix of graduate and undergraduate student, across all departments. It will have once-monthly meetings that will be held virtually, to support participation from our On-Grounds and Online student communities. One meeting/semester will be about a training/topic related to DEI and will be followed by a focused debrief. The other meetings will begin with a check-in and the move to specific topics for discussion before a wrap-up and look ahead to the next meeting.

2021-2022 Members

  • Sarah Beach
  • Charlotte Blain
  • Brandi Duncan
  • Brandi Ferrebee
  • Michael Gurlea
  • Alexis Johnson
  • Daniel Moraguez
  • Pamela Nicholas-Hoff
  • Alita Robinson