Abigail Amoako Kayser

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Ph.D. University of Virginia, 2018
  • M.T. University of Virginia, 2008
  • B.A. University of Virginia, 2008

Abigail Amoako Kayser, PhD, is a postdoctoral research associate at the School of Education and Human Development at the University of Virginia. She is a Fulbright Scholar and a former elementary teacher in Charlottesville City Schools and Albemarle County Public Schools. Through her research and teaching, she aims to advance our understanding of how teachers ensure equitable and anti-racist educational experiences and outcomes for historically marginalized students in the U.S. and Ghana. 

Her research focuses on these strands:  

Anti-Racism and Asset-Based Pedagogies  

  • Inservice and preservice teachers’ journeys towards becoming anti-racist 
  • Teachers’ use of asset-based frameworks, such as culturally relevant pedagogy  
  • Student outcomes and other impacts of asset-based pedagogies  

Comparative and International Education  

  • The intersectionality of race-ethnicity, gender, culture, religion, and class identities in the development and outcomes of Black girls in the U.S. and Ghana 
    • How Black girls internalize negative stereotypes about their identities and how those stereotypes impact their educational trajectories and outcomes  
    • How Black girls work to counter these negative stereotypes about their identities and how those efforts impact their educational trajectories and outcomes