2012 APPAM Presentations

CEPWC faculty and students will present their research at the 2012 APPAM Fall Research Conference, November 8-10, Baltimore, MD.

Panel Paper: The Effects of Universal Pre-Kindergarten On the Child Care Sector: The Case of Florida (Daphna Bassok and Luke Miller)

Panel Paper: Measuring Test Measurement Error: A General Approach (James Wyckoff)

Panel Paper: Does State Preschool Crowd-Out Private Provision? the Impact of Universal Preschool On the Childcare Sector (Daphna Bassok)

Panel Paper: Are Single-Sex Classrooms Effective? Evidence From New Title IX Regulations (Patten Mahler)

Panel Paper: Returns to Teacher Experience In Early Career Years (Allison Atteberry and James Wyckoff)

Panel Paper: Is Kindergarten the New First Grade? the Effects of No Child Left Behind On Kindergarten (Daphna Bassok and Anna Rorem)

Panel Paper: College In the States: Foreign Student Demand and Higher Education (Kelli Bird)

Panel Paper: Prospectively Choosing Comparison Units Using Sequential Matching Procedures (Vivian Wong)


Poster Paper: The Role of Local Teacher Union Composition In Collective Bargaining Outcomes: Evidence From California (Alex Smith)

Poster Paper: A Synthesis of Six Experimental Evaluations of Learning Communities At Six Community Colleges (Heather Wathington)


Panel: Methodological Issues with Value Added Models (Chair: James Wyckoff)

Panel: All about School Principals (Chair: Allison Atteberry)

Panel: Variability In Teacher Effectiveness During the Early Career (Speaker: Allison Atteberry)

Panel: The Distribution of Teacher Effectiveness (Discussant: James Wyckoff)

Panel: The Pluses and Minuses of Teacher Evaluation Systems (Chair: James Wyckoff)

Panel: Kindergarten As a Policy Lever In Educational Reform (Speakers: Daphna Bassok, Anna Rorem, and Chloe Gibbs)

Panel: Choice Schools and Policies (Chair: Luke Miller)

Panel: Mobility & Choice (Discussant: Patten Mahler)

Panel: Internationalization of Higher Education and the High-Skill Labor Market (Chair: Sarah Turner and Speaker: Kelli Bird)


Roundtable: Increasing Degree Production In An Age of Scarcity: Can Academe Respond? (Speaker: David W Breneman)